RBP carries out multiple programs to curb crime

In order to curb crime-related issues, the Crime and Operation Division, RBP has started sensitizing the school students on crime related issues, especially on substance use. In Thimphu, the RBP has visited 5 schools, namely Khuzhuchen Middle Secondary School, Khasadrapchu MSS, Desi HSS and Yangchen Gatshel HSS in this week.

Colonel Passang Dorji said spreading awareness on the consequences of being involved in any crime or drug related issues and the law among the youth is important.

He said RBP is focusing mainly on schools with hostel facilities, as the vulnerabilities are high in such a set up. RBP has even requested school authorities to call them, as per their convenience, and especially during parent-teacher meetings so to make sure parents are also well aware on all the issues that are currently occurring.

Also, in its recent tour of the western police stations and divisions in the field, the operation was taken as a measure to prevent and create awareness related to crime in the respective divisions in the west.

The respective divisions have been given a thorough briefing on crime prevention measures, the roles and responsibilities of each individual in the field, on social media issues, allegation issues and all the other issues the department is facing against the personnel.

Presentations by the respective division heads were done covering areas related to number of cases reported in the divisions, number of cases solved and number of cases pending.

From the presentations, it is known how many cases are done so far and how many are pending. From the pending cases, it is known what kind of cases needs more focus, and relatively prevention measures can be made.

He further added, “RBP alone can’t reach every place where crimes are happening, so for that we have also conducted trainings in every dzongkhag where dzongkhag officials are involved so that we all can work in a conducive environment. It included dzongkhag, court and dratsang officials and even included local leaders and school principals. Sensitization on crime and substance use, and preventatives measures were mainly focused in. It is a major step, so that RBP divisions and police stations together with the dzongkhag officials can sensitize down the line to the grassroots.”

They also said that the next tour in relation to crime prevention strategy will be in the southern belt, as these areas are more exposed to crime related issues being border areas.

Although prevention related to border crimes is in place, there are still some which they miss out. Considering the country border being porous, it has created illegal routes not used and known by them.

Colonel Passang said, “The RBP has made main checkpoints, Integrated Check Post (ICP), and terminals. Point of Entries are being installed, and these are some of the measures taken to prevent trans-border crime. As the country has porous borders. There are so many entry and exit points that we cannot cover all, but for the main point of entries where we suspect that there are so many crimes related issues happening, we have created Point of Entries.”

Serious crimes have not been reported in the border areas as the RBP has made stricter checking procedures. Only minor crimes related to tobacco and vegetables smuggling in small quantities are common. The RBP are in collaboration with the counterparts, Indian police and the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), cooperate to curb any issues related to trans-border crimes.

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