RBP makes record breaking tobacco seizure

On 6 May at around 6 PM, Trongsa police arrested two 28 years old men for trafficking tobacco products.

During the time of arrest, police seized 84,280 sticks of bedi, 19,150 sticks of cigarette, 83.9 kgs of other tobacco products which includes 22 kgs of baba and 61.9 kg of Nevla from a Toyota van they were travelling in.

They had concealed the tobacco products in four tar barrels. According to the men’s statement to police, they had bought the tobacco products to sell to shopkeepers in Trongsa.

Police officials said they are yet to find out the buyers of the men’s smuggled products. Both the suspects are under detention. The driver is from Samtse while  his accomplice is from Tsirang.

According to Tobacco Control Amendment Act 2014, no person in the country shall sell or distribute tobacco or tobacco products.

Any person who sell or distribute tobacco products in the country shall be punished with misdemeanor as per the Penal Code of Bhutan and pay fine equivalent to a minimum of 12 months and maximum of 35 months of minimum wage.


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