RBP marks 52nd Raising Day

On its 52nd Police Raising Day in Thimphu the Chief of Police (CoP) drew attention to the use of technology to curb crime, recognizing personnel with limited education and increasing years of training for a more capable force.

He said that although they are only 4000 police personnel in the country, RBP as a team works hard and to shoulder their responsibility for the safety and security of the people.

“With the 23 cameras alone, we are successfully detecting lots of violations, especially traffic violation cases, gang fights, murder cases, assault and pick-pocketing cases, happening in the core town area,” he said.

He said RBP is also planning to install two Vehicle License Plate Registration (VLPR) systems, one at Babesa welcome gate while the other at Simtokha gate, to detect any crime by motorists. “If anyone commits a crime and leaves Thimphu, there is no way we will not know because all the records of vehicle leaving or coming towards Thimphu will be maintained by the system,” he said.

There are also plans to install speedometers at critical points to detect speeding. “Which number is captured will be relayed to traffic police and RSTA whereby they will issue a notification to the person. We will also design a mobile application through which we will issue TPN to the person,” he added.

The Chief also said that many among the troops were disheartened as their promotions were being hindered due to educational backgrounds and had also sought resignations from your departments. “Considering all the hard work and dedication put forth by all of them, the office formed an election committee and selected 109 eligible and efficient members and approached His Majesty The King on behalf of them for the promotion,” he said.

“His Majesty in turn granted promotions to the 109 members after considering their loyalty in serving the nation. So I would like to urge all of you to take the example of the 109 colleagues and not be discouraged in your works.”

He also spoke on Zebra crossings initiative to sensitize people which will continue in the future.

He also said that to reduce burglary in the country, they are looking and studying about the burglary alarm.

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