RBP mid-term review highlights need for Forensic Lab

The Royal Bhutan Police presentation on the mid-term review, showed many achievements in various fields of work such as construction and renovation of structures, capacity development and major capital investments.

The RBP requested the Prime Minister for the need of a Forensic Lab in the country, for which Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay asked RBP to forward a letter through the Minister of Home and Cultural Affairs Minister, Lyonpo Dawa Gyaltshen. The need of forensic lab issue will be discussed in the Lhengye Zhungtshog.

In the construction and renovation of structures, with the funding from the government with a plan outlay of Nu 891.13 mn a target was set for 270 units.

Out of it 54% has been achieved physically and among the 270 units target, 72 units have been completed and 75 units are ongoing.

Similarly, for the construction of fire stations and structures, it has funding of Nu 76.44 mn with a target of 27 units.

In this particular work 71.6% has been achieved physically, 13.76% financially and the works of constructing 24 units of quarters are currently undergoing.

RBP has been successful in bringing down the annual crime cases as in the 2013 RBP registered 2,926 cases and in 2014 registered 2,364 cases.

In the year 2013, there have been 1,023 annual traffic offences and the following year saw 791 cases.

The revenue generated from traffic violation in 2013 comes to Nu 18.363 mn and Nu 17.001 mn in 2014.

The reprioritization and revision of RBP’s 11th Five Year Plan involves development of RBP training institute at Jigmeling, with a approved plan outlay of Nu 164.04 mn and revised outlay of Nu 295.26 mn.

The Nu 131.22 mn was the additional amount for the internal road access, administration block, firing range wall and plans for 50 unit quarters for officers and NCO.

For the installation of CCTV in Thimphu under safe city solution project, RBP allocated Nu 90 mn for plan outlay and Nu 151 Million for revised outlay.  This Nu 61 mn was reprioritized from the Nu 255.27 mn earmarked for the Dolomgang reformatory center.

The Dolomgang  reformatory center has been dropped as it was found not to be feasible and RBP reprioritized this outlay to Nungzor, Chamgang prison development and construction of a division cum police station at Tsirang, Paro and Phuntsholing.

Of all RBP also has been successful in reducing the percentage of recidivist cases in prison. It is said that 96 out of 1106 prisoner are recidivist but then the major challenges has been inadequate reformatory programs in prison, difficulty in changing behavior of prisoners and inculcating human values in a  prisoner.

The PM thanked the RBP for bringing down crime rates, which would ultimately assure peace, security and harmony to the nation at large, he said.


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