Lhab Dorji

RBP recommends attempt to murder charge against Lhab Dorji

The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) has completed its investigation into the stabbing and assault of the ACC Director of Investigation Gyeltshen, assault of the ACC Commissioner Jamtsho and general ruckus at the Supreme Court. The investigation report will be sent to the OAG on Monday. 

The investigation established that it was Lhab Dorji who stabbed the ACC Director on 29 April. Apart from the confession of Lhab Dorji himself, the evidence was in the form of a Rambo Knife and cover that Lhab Dorji threw into the two dustbins and also eye witness testimony.

The inside part of Lhab Dorji’s Gho or the nangshab was also torn by the knife as after stabbing the Director he tried to place the knife back into the cover in his Gho, but it instead tore his nangshab.

After that he threw the cover and the knife into two dustbins near the bathroom.

The former Trongsa Dzongda and JDWNRH President confessed to bringing the knife with him to the court with the intention of stabbing the Director.

The knife had cut through the Kabney of the Director and also struck his left hand leading to a cut and bleeding that required four stiches.

Given the above, the RBP has listed a probable charge of attempt to murder which will be a third degree felony which has a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 9 years.

The former Dzongda is already sentenced to five years for the Trongsa Land Scam and so if he is convicted under attempt to murder then he will have a minimum of another 5 years’ imprisonment added to his sentence.

Lhab Dorji told the RBP that he did not intend to murder the Director, but the RBP is going by how the knife was brought to the premise and the stabbing of the Director.

The RBP has also listed probable assault and battery charges against Lhab Dorji for punching the Director.

Assault is a violation while battery can be a petty misdemeanor or a misdemeanor for aggravated circumstances.

There is also a disorderedly conduct charge which is graded as a violation.

A defendant convicted of a petty misdemeanor is sentenced to a minimum of one month and a maximum of less than one year.

A defendant convicted of misdemeanor is sentenced to a minimum of one year and a maximum of less than three years.

A defendant convicted of a violation shall be fined the daily minimum national wage rate for a maximum of ninety days.

In the case of Lhab Dorji’s wife Karma Tshetim Dolma and the two sons the probable charges are Assault and Battery for assaulting the ACC Commissioner Jamtsho. and Disorderly conduct.

 Lhab Dorji’s daughter is being charged for Disorderly conduct for banging the windows of the Supreme Court from outside and for shouting.

The OAG is expected to go through the investigation report and frame the final charges that are applicable and then prosecute the case in court.

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