Namgay Dolkar, 24: The father shared his daughter’s picture here to show she is not just a crime statistic and if eyewitnesses want to come forward.

RBP recommends murder charge against Namgay Dolkar’s alleged killer

The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) has completed its investigation in the Namgay Dolkar case and sent the case file to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

The RBP has recommended murder as the charge against Namgay Dolkar’s alleged killer Sonam who said he was having an affair with her.

The murder charge is a felony of the first degree with the minimum being 15 years and the maximum being life imprisonment.

The main evidence of the RBP is the post mortem report which shows that her death on 13 August 2023 occurred before her body entered the water along with strangulation and other marks on her body with pressure to her neck being the cause of death.

The differing statements of the accused on his vehicle movement and also his initial denials of not meeting her and later admitting to meeting her after her body was discovered are also evidences.

Sonam after initially claiming she never turned up for a planned meeting at a hotel changed his story around three times and finally said he met her and took her for a drive and they had an altercation where he squeezed her neck and she jumped into the water committing suicide.

However, testimonies from the family and friends do not show Namgay to be suicidal in nature and in fact she had planned a trip with a female friend to Nepal in September and she also had plans to go to Australia.

More importantly the post mortem report established her death due to strong pressure on the neck along with strong pressure over her mouth and that her death happened before her body even hit the water.

Sonam’s changing statements also do not help his defence.

Namgay Dolkar’s father Singye Wangchuk has said that his daughter did not commit suicide and he wants justice for her murder and he does not want the Sonam’s changing statements to lead to lesser sentencing and he also does not want the wealth and influence of Sonam to impact the case.

The OAG will decide on the final charges to be levied and on its future prosecution.

It has been learnt that Sonam’s side has approached a prominent and highly regarded law firm in town to defend him though the law firm told this paper that it has not yet decided if it will take the case or not.

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