RBP takes action to combat rising crime rates in Thimphu

Towards crime prevention and sensitization for city hotel owners and entertainment centers

In a bid to combat rising crime rates in Thimphu, the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) conducted a crucial crime prevention and sensitization program on 13- 14 March, specifically targeting hotel owners and entertainment centers.

The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Thimphu met with 33 hotel owners and 43 entertainment center owners.

RBP’s message to the owners were clear, “You do business responsibly, while we ensure that you do business safely”.

The program aimed to equip hotel and entertainment center owners with essential knowledge on legal provisions, security measures, and proper documentation practices to tackle the increase in offenses within their establishments.

Recent data from 2023 and 2022 revealed 56 offenses from hotels and 46 offenses from entertainment centers, with battery, domestic violence, stabbing, harassment, and substance use among the most prevalent crimes reported.

Of significant concern were the statistics showing a notable increase in larceny and rape of children above 12 years in 2023. Battery offenses accounted for 34.5 percent, followed by larceny at 14.9 percent, burglary at 11.1 percent, deceptive practices at 5.8 percent and harassment at 3.2 percent.

During the sensitization program, RBP emphasized key legal provisions, such as aiding and abetting, solicitation, failure to report crime, possession of stolen property, and various offenses related to criminal activities within the establishments.

Security measures, including the installation of CCTV cameras, employing bouncers or security guards, and encouraging mobile banking transactions for traceability were strongly advocated to enhance safety, and deter criminal activities.

Emerging issues, such as scams, deceptive practices, and cybercrimes were highlighted by RBP, urging hotel and entertainment center owners to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their businesses.

Proper documentation practices, preventive measures, such as reporting of any crime, monitor suspicious individuals, checking electric wires and have it fixed, keeping adequate fire extinguisher, ensuring no one is committing sexual offences, like prostitution and rape, and strict adherence to age verification protocols were strongly emphasized to ensure a safer environment for guests and staff alike, and overall for safer community.

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