RCSC adding salt to injury?


This has reference to your news article ‘RCSC says committee members stand to be terminated”, published on 13 March 2013. It is regarding the involvement of civil servants as committee members in the ongoing Gyelpozhing land allotment case.

The nation knows that people involved in the Gyelpozhingzhing case are going through difficult times, especially after the passage of the verdict by the Mongar District Court this month.  The verdict was passed by a lower court, which still allows the people involved to appeal to higher courts if they want to. And this a normal judicial procedure any case of any nature would go through. That is why there are enough logical, judicial and moral reasons to term the case  “ongoing”.

To substantiate the case is “ongoing”, there has been news articles in the press that those accused are appealing to higher courts.

However, to the dismay of the civil servants involved in the case, the Royal Civil Service Commission (one of the commissioners to be exact) says should the higher courts convict the accused they will be terminated.

The comment is very disturbing and unmindful. It is like ‘jumping a gun’. Since the case is ongoing the commission’s comment is utterly disgusting. It gives more pain and worry to those involved, who are already reeling under nightmares.

The least civil servants expect from RCSC as their parent organization is a bit of moral support when they are going through difficult times, at least till the case is closed.  This does not mean the commission should give undue protection.  But such comments do not do any good to both the accused and the commission. It rather hurts the morale of thousands of civil servants in the country.

If such is the attitude and approach of one’s parent organization, where lies the hope of support should civil servants get into inevitable problems while discharging their duties?

The RCSC’s stand on the ongoing case shows how much it cares for the people it governs. It would make a lot of sense if the commission could be silent till the case sees the end of judicial processes. Forget about being fair and supportive.

The civil servants (about 19 of them) involved in the case have been in the civil service ranging from 20-34 years. This not the best way RCSC should approach the problems civil servants face. At least don’t rub salt to injury.


A concerned civil servant


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  1. RCSC and the bunch of officials running the commission has always been happy when they could torture the civil servants who commit mistakes (coerced by Bosses) and have always been ready to terminate the civil servants. Therefore, the civil servants involved may not expect any support from the Commission. But, we as civil servant wants to see all the commissioners changed for furthering torturing the involved servants of this particular case or we should at least see Bachu Phub Dorji go out as commissioner.

  2. This is RCSC at their best… stuck in such mentality, how do u expect people to perform.

  3. I think what the Commissioner told should not be taken as lack of support and protection from the RCSC or the Commission wanting to shoot and kill the injured. I would think that it was only meant to convey what is there in the Civil Service Act of Bhutan 2010, if convicted in varying degrees. By this logic, the Commissioner was only a messenger and ‘you can’t shoot the messenger’.
    Anyway, for those who may not be aware, there are sufficient provisions to protect the civil servants for discharging the duties in good faith in the BCSR 2012 (19.11 and 19.12). I am a civil servant and I read it. It’s there. But one thing we must all note is that the RCSC has no authority to overturn the Court verdict or what is provided in the law. Only if the Court decides something as administrative, will the RCSC have options.

    • RCSC draws strength from terminating civil servants. Everyone, including the very official who pronounced the termination of the members know that those land allotment committee members signed on the doted lines, drawn by their bosses that time. They are just getting trampled like grasses between two fighting elephants.

      Please remember that those who use sword shall be killed by the same sword.

  4. All civil servants know the BCSR, at least the officers, and any civil servant convicted will definitely be terminated. RCSC should have told the print media that though the Mongar Court had passed a verdict the convicted still had an opportunity to appeal to Higher Court so till such time it was too early for them to comment.      

    However, the way RCSC reacts is very confusing. To some they are very eager to terminate, others they relieve very easily and some they make them feel like bonded labor.

  5. No wander that many civil servant now don’t take initiative mosh.

  6. I too think the clear statement by the Hon commissioner brought to light the reality that once a verdict is passed by judiciary no one can protect our poor civil servants against the law. May be the RCSC intervention was timely forcing the convicted to appeal or else they face the law and get terminated. It is judiciary and it’s verdict that could  determine the fate of these civil servants involved.

  7. It is so sad that RCSC is just waiting eagarly to terminate any civil servent. They don’t have the patient to wait till every thing comes out. RCSC has so far not done any good to larger part of the civil servent. In the 1st place look at PSCS, in the start it hurt many when PCSC was introduced but after some time most of us felt it was the best thing and every body started to accure the needed qualification as required by PCSC. Every body liked it as it will allow every one who feels that they are capable for the required post including Dzongdas, etc. But then again to have play for themself all of this open competion were changed so that some one can choose his or her person and narrowed down the choice to only few. Now even PCSC is no more. sucking RCSC.

  8. The RCSC is a joke, when high profile cases of corruption involving Ambassadors, Foreign Ministry officials and Dzongdas have been exposed, they just ignore them, yet when the Gyelposhing land allotment Committee members are found guilty of not carrying out their duties, the RCSC conveniently washes their hands off them.

    When you take a look at the Gyelpozhing Land Allotment Committee members, they are made up of very junior staff and it is clear to see that they were in the committee just to make up the numbers, yet they have now been punished for no fault of theirs. All those who say that they are guilty and deserve what they got are not aware of the ground realities at that time. In those days, the Dzongda was very powerful and it would have been daft for anyone to challenge his authority whether they disagreed with him or not. This is exactly what seems to have happened and all the committee members went along with what the Dzongda wanted, like someone said, if democracy had not come to Bhutan, the Gyelpozhing case would have never seen the light of day.

    Even worse is that in their hearts the RCSC knows that the committee members are innocent and don’t deserve such punishment. We don’t want or expect the RCSC to come to the defense of every civil servant that has been convicted, all we want is for them to be fair. Right now, they are anything but fair.

  9. It is quite alarming that nothing has come out on the embazzlement case of huge govt.fund by embassy officials in Bankok. Why both RCSC & ACC officials r keeping silent on this contentious issues ????????????

  10. It is time we change the Chairman and Commisioners of RCSC. They hav different rules for different civil servents. For teachers it is compulsory to serve for Ten yrs. Bt for others it’s just the double of training periods. What none sense. Ples b rational. Resign on moral ground.

    • Me! you are so ignorant person. 10 yrs. rule has been made by moe and not rcsc. Have noticed or rather observed that most forum writers writes half cooked stories and why not because you are firstly ignorant of the current rules in force or doesn’t care for one as long as your needs are fullfilled. What RCSC have stated is right, ll committees should be held reponsible otherwise what’s the use of forming a committe member or to sign a documents is not a joke! Rule is a rule and should be applied same be it the chairperson, member secretary or the rest committee members
      Kudos to ACC and RCSC.

  11.  Civilian wrote “But, we as civil servant wants to see all the commissioners changed for furthering torturing the involved servants of this particular case or we should at least see Bachu Phub Dorji go out as commissioner.”

    This shows how frustrated the civil servants are at the  RCSC? And yet, our authorities are in a state of total coolness. It is REAL BIG TIME that these inefficient  top brass RCSC people are changed for the greater common good. Things are in a very bad shape concerning RCSC. 

  12. The RCSC is only implementing the rules and the officials are only doing their entrusted duties. If the justice is done, nobody seems to be liking it. As it is said” Truth is always bitter and not nice to hear

  13. Quote: “If justice is done”


    Please explain: What kind of justice – are you talking about here? 

    I think it has more to do with the RCSC’s WEATHER COCK like attitudes that’s scaring the civil servants.

    In fact the message from Gyalposhing drives at the centre of this very point and it’s very loud and clear.

     On this particular subject, I think, there’s a strong public support and backing on the Mongar Court’s bold verdict. However, what’s disturbing though is on knowing – why RCSC as an apex civil service body in a slapdash fashion – shot their rotten gun way ahead of time which resulted into inflicting enormous untimely pain and suffering to these affected party? How will RCSC justify this disaster? Has RCSC grown that childish in their thinking power?  

    This incident speaks volumes on what kind of fragile stuffs these so called weather cock RCSC bosses are made of?  For them, justice means in blindly following the direction of the winds!  The so called RCSC rules and regulations are nothing, but, a house full of assorted toys meant exclusively for the frenzied kids. 

    Looking at how things function in the RCSC, today, people have reached to the point of even spitting at them. And here, we have our friend LAKSAM giving us his/her teachings on the merits of following RCSC’s distorted justice path.

    • Helo! Just wondering if author ap nakphey and his think alike authors are either one of the committee members or relatives of the committee members???… Yes, m starting to believe in it.

  14. Civilian is none other than the problematic civil servant terminated by the RCSC last year. Don’t listen to these frustrated useless guys, RCSC. We know who is going the job.

  15. @ Ap Nakphey! As pointed out by Tshering above, you could be——–

  16. Same civilian In bumthang

  17. LAKSAM,

    Your friend Tshering has been referring to Civilian and not Ap Nakpahey. By the way, I am not Civilian. Even in front of our own eyes, if you lie and mislead the readers, then, just image the fate of things which must be going around behind the closed doors. Is that your explanation relating to RCSC’s version of Justice?

  18. Civilian here again. What the heck are you talking about Tshering? I resigned myself on my won accord because I couldnot bear the torture of RCSC like you, who go around them, please them and get things done for your self. Long live Tshering. And you know a day will come to you and you will kick the RCSC ass and promote my idea. 

  19. RCSC Please have Mercy, do not add salt to injury!

    • Kudos to RCSC! Keep up the good job, we know RCSC have a herculen tasks…removing unproductive and harmful products from the civil service…all the bests to RCS!

      • Many staff in the RCSC were selected based on Nepotism, favoritism and through red-tape, not based on efficiency. Don’t you think it is high time that the volume of the secretariat be reduced, making it compact and efficient? There are many useless staff in the Commission. Why don’t the commission start with example from the top?

  20. I think some of you are completely trying to mislead the public. As citizen I failed to understand why just one or two are trying to malign the RCSC’s image. I also had problem with them too. But this time the salt they added actually gave some to our poor civil servants. My cousin who was one of the mongar court convicts actually sought my advice after the verdict not knowing what to do.  I had no advices. And then the timely clarification by the Bhutanese if they do not appeal to higher courts, they would be terminated by the civil service, made all of them appeal to high court. I think without that clear explanation most of them would have missed the 10 day deadline and would have been terminated by now. Now we at least have some hope to see our civil servants get lesser penalty and continue their service. As said by Tshering it is only judiciary who can save them. My request, to those who are actually adding salt based on past problems they had with RCSC capitalizing on the current situation, is don’t do it. Just a plea for harmony . There is too much disharmony already due the likes of some of the authors here.

    • Disharmony is a self-created subject matter or in other words disharmony is created by no second or third person  but by one’s own actions or bad karmaric effect. Don’t try to malign the image of civil service or the RCSC. As far as we all are concerned court of law is the highest law that even RCSC would have to respect it and so, here too RCSC is just doing their solem duties to the nations by upholding its’ laws and protecting the nation’s interests. So pl. stop maligning somebody else for the cause of your ill actions. if possible redeem it.

      • What do you mean by RCSC is just doing their solemn duties, please read my earlier post and tell me what has happened to the people I have mentioned. 

  21. Pharos wrote: “Just a plea for harmony “” 


    What is the ‘sine qua non’ for your plea here? In the name of harmony, how are you going to justify if RCSC like a SHIP was seen sinking in the ocean and passengers therein on- board sending their SOS for HELP? In that case, how would handle the situation? Which will be the better option- whether sending the new team of some better equipped captains and rescuing the ship together with the passengers OR for harmony’s sake, letting the ship sink further deep into the ocean?  

    Pharos, please share your viewpoints here, let’s hear what you have to say on this! 

    Elsewhere  in some other forums , people even go to the extent of calling them ‘stupid RCSC’( someone by ‘Defox’  wrote this) and on another front, someone  called ‘Good’ requested ACC not to ignore these public disapproval issues  as some insignificant stuffs like trivial matter.

    Why these people like “Defox and Good” would request ACC’s intervention at the top of their voice on matters related to nexus between top bureaucrats and RCSC’s power corruption?

  22. Pharos,

    You are affected ena. Then will now say that RCSC is good but for your sake.


  24. I think ACC should thoroughly investigate RCSC. There are few mentally stunted and blunted people in the commission holding office for a long long time, without doing much. I fondly remember when Bachu Phub was on BBSTV and remarked that the discrepancies of RCSC were only in the past. He attributes the failures to past Secretaries of the commission which he was very much a part thereof. Now, look who is talking. RCSC has to practise integrity in them first.
    Why did not the Commission terminate many civil servants who were convicted by the courts in the past? Why are they still serving?

  25. The punishment passed by Mongar court for Jigme Tshitrim is too less. Verdict is passed after taking heavy kick backs

  26. Wait and see HC will acquit him, because he has not done anything except allotment of land.

  27. undone by rcsc

    rcsc has always been civil-servants unfriendly. In the case of Gyalpoizhing, it is obvious that the hapless guys were just carrying out the orders of their Dzongdas. Such extenuating circumstances have to be given due consideration and the RCSC could at least try and protect its civil servants. We all know who are the beneficialries… and the list of unauthorized officials who now are landowners are in front of us. Or does it need to be spelt out?

  28. adfasdfnladnnd

    Hell with RCSC

  29. Why everyone is against RCSC? The rules are made to be implemented and not to be kept on the shelf, the question which was raised by all the posters here with regard to Tenancy Act whenever the building owners raised rents. As soon as the Mongar Court passed verdict on Gyelposhing case, the ACC issued termination orders as per rules. Rules are made to be enforced without fear or fervor.

    • adfasdfnladnnd

      Yes the rules are made to be implemented but with utmost uniformity and not double standard approaches.

  30. Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

  31. Who is this man called Bachu? He seems to own RCSC hence all civil servents….or so he seems to act. I saw this man’s words in another paper too, threatening to terminate a man of great talent who’s contributed so much even though seemingly much younger than this Bachu boss, only because he executed the freedom of Free Expression. This old system with old people has desperately failed. We need a new set of experienced(not necessarily seniors, or rich) people who can understand and support their subordinates. The problem. today is because we have cowherders trying to fly aeroplanes and retards trying to treat doctors. We need people of relevent profession setting rules and governing for all the respective ministries and departments.

  32. Drukpa,  we don’t see any problem with RCSC taking action against erring people.  People can easily make out who you are. 

  33. go on RCSC go on! Your rules are your rules that will rule the whole civil service. But be careful, only few of you know your rules. Let all of you know your rules so that they are applied uniformly. 

  34. Horsy, Erring people? Who are the erring people according to the article and majority of the comments made above? Who are you reffering to the “we” when you say …”we don’t see”? Are you one of the good bosses? If you are, well, your last sentence explains what kind of people we have sitting on those comfortable chairs. I don’t know who you assumed me to be already in your apparently narrow judgemental power(I know this will hurt, but you are free to call me by any name if you choose so) And for the record, I am just an observer, and I have been observing this stupid game for quite sometime. Do continue the game when you still have the ball and I and the likes of me will watch and laugh for you.

    • How come Drukpa has no problem in naming n shaming others in the public but would get ‘hurt’ for just naming him here. it speaks volume of the person in hurt. Observer? No, you are here to with bad intention. 

  35. Nothing can hurt the Pelden Drukpa nation more than devious characters like Drukpa and the likes.  

  36. it is good to care what one does, and better be mindful of what not to do ourselves. be aware of the existing laws so that we need not have to be bothered when such verdicts come. as a civil servants, we know what we are not allowed to and that RCSE is not above the law; it is just a legal institute to follow the orders. lets not judge them wrong when they uphold the law, but remind them when they loose tracks.
    lets care ourselves and avoid rooms for such actions.

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