RCSC Chairman stresses on good leadership in the bureaucracy

At a QED seminar on  leadership in the bureaucracy Chairman of the Royal Civil Service Commission, Dasho Karma Tshiteem said, RCSC has referred to the leadership capability framework of Australia and New Zealand, and from this two they have found the Australian framework to be more appropriate and suitable.

Dasho highlighted the importance of leadership in bureaucracy.

He said leadership is critical for any organization as a good leader motivates non performers to perform, does more with less and is impactful but a bad leader demoralizes and de-motivates people, erodes team spirit and are certain to harm organizational effectiveness.

To plan for succession, develop leadership capabilities and to manage executive performance, the Royal Civil Service Commission established the executive management division.

In the civil service, leadership capability framework is a framework that describes the capabilities which is required in a civil servant holding leadership position and the behavior that the leader must portray.

The good leader is judged upon through the area of capability, such as shape of strategic view, achieving results, cultivating productive working relationship, exemplifying personal drive and integrity and the one who communicates effectively.

One of the best ways of becoming a good leader is in taking feedback from ones colleagues, employees or from friends, Dasho said.

“We don’t have such a culture in our society and we must inculcate the habits of taking feedbacks which will ultimately help us to become good leader or a person,” he said

“For this very purpose we have set up a critical feedback team, which will allow us to take or cultivate the habits of taking feedbacks on a good note and will help to grow personally, physically and to prepare mentally,” he added.

The RCSC has come up with an online webpage on feedbacks for bureaucrats. The ratings include capability, strategic view, achieves results, cultivates productive working relationships, exemplifies personal drives, integrity and communicates effectively.

Currently, the fourth batch of Bhutan Executives Services Training is going on in Phuentsholing at the Royal Institute of Governance and Strategic Studies and in the times to come the RCSC will be carrying out leadership trainings for P4 and P5 levels as well.


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