RCSC results out, Gaeddu student tops among General category

With a high score of 68.33%, a student from Gaeddu College of Business Studies (GCBS) is this year’s civil service exam topper.

The country’s oldest and prime college, Sherubtse had to settle for the second and third ranks consecutively.

The overall topper in General category and the 2012 Royal Civil Service Examinations number one candidate is Rada Wangmo, a BBA student from GCBS with 68.33%. In the second and third ranks are Tshering Wangdi (67.71%) and Tashi Tshomo (67.66%) both from Sherubtse College.

The pass percentage for the examination is 50%.

To compare the RCSC results of 2011, this time around students’ performances are observed to be a bit lower than the previous year.

The highest score in RCSC results of 2011 was 75.50% by the Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA) students, followed by 70.88% and 68.80%.

Rada Wangmo the 2012 topper has already joined Druk Holdings and Investment (DHI) as an Associate Analyst and it has been a month since she joined the job.

She said the job is challenging and she had to undergo preparation for RCSC alongside preparations for her DHI interview.

“All these things came up together, the job preparation and examination,” she said.

Rada Wangmo said all this is due to the blessings from triple gem as well as her parents to bring such a happy moment in her life. She said she feels good to have a job of her choice and topping the RCSC examinations is a real plus for the hard work she put in.

She said despite being the topper, instead of going for PGDPA, she wants to stick with the current job. Moreover, she finds her current job quite challenging and the atmosphere at work is pleasant and the staffs are supportive.

Tshering Wangdi, overall second in general category and topper in PGDPA category said, “I have always been a great observer and have prepared every day and moment during college days as well as in the casual talks thinking that the exams going to be tough”.

He said his friends would always guarantee him to top the exams but he never thought of topping although he was sure to get through.

Tshering Wangdi said he is happy to see his competitor and college and classmate Tashi Tshomo get the third position in the general category on the list of toppers.

He had applied for Environmental officer in Bhutan Power Cooperation (BPC) but now he wishes to join the PGDPA and get into civil service which is also his parents’ wish.

“I want to work hard in the Royal Institute of Management (RIM) in order to grab better opportunities,” said Tshering Wangdi.

Tashi Tshomo, who ranked third also applied to the BPC but she has decided to opt for PGDPA since she feels it would be better to undergo the training for better opportunities.

There are 36 slots each for the PGDPA and Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM) and 15 slots for Post Graduate Diploma in National law (PGDNL), with a total of 87 slots.

For the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) there are 255 slots and for other technical categories, the reprioritized data shows 149 slots.

An RCSC official said there are different fields and different backgrounds for the PGDE category where PGDPA and PGDFM students who do not get into the given 36 slots but have 50% and above marks can opt for PGDE provided they meet eligibility criteria.

The summary of vacancies for Bhutan Civil Service Examinations (BCSE) 2012 shows a total of 597 vacancies. “Depending on the number of candidates qualifying in the Preliminary Examination, field of specialization (technical), academic subject and mark (PGDE) and verification documents, the vacancies may have to be further prioritized and reduced”.

About 1036 students appeared in the RCSC examination this year.

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  1. The title is stupid and misleading,,,Gaeddu student tops  general category..not RCSE,,there are others with more % than her

  2. adfsasdf, who are these others with a higher score than hers? The article supports the title: “this year’s civil service exam topper”….”The overall topper in General category and the 2012 Royal Civil Service Examinations number one candidate”. 

    • HELLO
      just brows RCSC site and look into the technical, some one from Computer scored more than 73%. and i should say he/she is the topper out of 1036 graduates.congratulation to those guys and sorry for not others and media,and RCSC sorry for dat

    • u can pdf file from RCSE website…u will find some students with more than 70% in technical category…..
       Rada Wangmo  does deserves all the credit but the new is misleading,,,i guess it has been misleading from many years,,no wonder we always saw general category graduates as topper in almost every-year

    • There is always so many who scores more than that %. They also did RCSE in other category…. All category toppers must be made known… It’s not that only general category do RCSE….!

  3. absolutely misleading,,,,   out of 1036 total no.of candidates?????   total bull****    1036 is indeed the total no.of candidates but its inclusive of all fields like technical graduates ( medical, engineering, law, veterinary, dzongkha, education, traditional medicine, many more seperately)    and general gradutes seperately, all of them  writing totally different set of exams papers and giving different set of viva voce in totally different setting,,,,  

      in view of such scenario how can there b just one topper ,,,,  even if so,, then it should be out of the same group of graduates(general graduates) making up up to 700 or so  and not 1036,,,,,,,     having said that big congratulations to Rada Wangmo ( she deserves all credit)   but equally big congratulations to all the rest of the toppers too in the technical departments,,,,,,,  

  4. The bhutanese dont give worng information to the public, gedu students topped only in general category, and over all topper is i think some one from technical with more than 73% plus,plez review your news

    • Kado, read the headline well before pointing fingers. Where is the wrong information? Rada Wangmo is the focus of the story and so it says Gaeddu student tops among General Category in the headline itself “RCSC results out, Gaeddu student tops among General category”.
      Also, it will be nice if the media could also cover the toppers from other categories . The media BBS and print always gives the spotlight to the general category toppers.

      • HELLO READ
        read this sentence from first paragraph of the news before you point finger on others
        With a high score of 68.33%, a student from Gaeddu College of Business Studies (GCBS) is this year’s civil service exam topper.

        news clearly say she is topper for this years civil service exam topper, which is not true,over all topper is from Technical category,

  5. Is anyone thinking about comparing the Preliminary Exam (PE) marks with the marks obtained in the Main Exams just to see if things add up and that there are no ‘thelefications’ involved in the evaluation process??? Having someone who scored less during the PE score really high (esp if the person is the son or daughter of someone with connections) does imply something fishy. And how about having a panel discussion involving at least the top ten students and letting the nation judge what stuff the toppers are made of??? That way the general public can be assured that the lot who are going to be playing a pivotal role in the bureaucratic machinery are indeed leadership material.  Not pointing fingers but this is one sureshot way of confirming that the evaluation process was free of ‘foreign interference’…

    • 100% agree with you man…..i too thought of this long time and even talked with few of my frens working at BBS TV ,,,but  least people interested ,,,reason being that people dont want to come for this

  6. haha ha,,after reading the comments,,,thebhutanese changed the title for the story

    • still than the first paragraph say she is topper for the 2012 rcsc exam and lets see when they will change that topic

  7. dIcKfAcEgaEdDu

    why only the general catogory is announced here, not other category…Rcsc doing no gud by setting single question for 50 marks alone. nobody is perfect but the set of questions are very wrong. for the few thousands candidates rcsc is conducting like GATE exam in india. rlevancy of the field also to be looked out. technical cannot be compared with general field. rcsc is fooling themselve…

  8. This has been issue for many years… It’s not that only general category do RCSE. There are other category equally challenging different set papers at par… Recognizing only from general category is controversial to most of concerned… What expect is to… All the toppers from all category must be made known… Rather than citing only from general category…!

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