Rebuilding Wangduephodrang Dzong the facebook way

By 5.45 pm yesterday, 24,654, members were registered as members in the Facebook page named ‘Citizens Initiative to rebuild Wangduephodrang Dzong’.

This initiative received mass support from ordinary citizens after the devastating fire that burnt down Wangduephodrang Dzong on the 25th of June 2012. The Dzong had stood magnificently for 374 years since 1638.

An experienced journalist and media Consultant, Passang Dorji came up with the facebook page right after the mighty fortress was razed to the ground by the fire.

Passang Dorji the creator of this page said, “The main Intention of creating this page was mainly to let people do something by coming together and contribute even if it is in a small way.” He also said, “It may not be a success but I hope people will do it even if it is in a small way.”

Passang, who like many Bhutanese citizens was deeply affected by the Wangdue incident thought about it and discussed it with people in the social network and then came up with this initiative on early Monday morning.

The initiative has already brought people together from various walks of life to help rebuild the historic Dzong.

Members have already started to contribute in their own ways. Most have pledged to contribute much needed money while others have decided to work by contributing labor. Many are also contributing in kind.

The creator of the page Passang Dorji met Dasho Zimpon and officials of the Gyalpoi Zimpon on Wednesday morning to offer support on behalf of the facebook page members.

In a message posted by him the page he wrote, “I would like to inform you all that I met Dasho Zimpon and officials of Gyalpoi Zimpon Office today morning. I reported about our “Citizens’ Initiative to Rebuild Wangduephodrang Dzong. They expressed their appreciations on our spirit of volunteerism and the willingness to contribute toward the noble cause in our small ways.”

He said that his request to share an account number, into which the members can deposit their contributions, small or big, has been granted.

“The Gyalpoi Zimpon Office made it very clear that the office does not solicit funds. But it welcomes contributions from people who are genuinely willing to come forward to contribute. I know that our members’ willingness to contribute could not be more genuine,” wrote Passang.

According to the post money can be donated to the A/C No. 0000055333013 maintained with Bhutan National Bank (BNB), Thimphu. This is His Majesty the King’s Kidu Fund account number.

All contributions will be acknowledged with the names of the contributors in the media by the Gyalpoi Zimpon Office.

“This is the first phase of our contribution. I will keep you all informed what we will do the next, including labor contribution, as many members suggested,” added Passang.

This paper talked to various members of this facebook page. Tshering Tshomo, a college student, said, “It is good that someone is taking up such initiative when the situation is demanding such responsibility.”

Sonam Choedup from Bangalore said, “I doubt as many people will turn up at the end because people are more active on Facebook. Even if there is a good response than it will be among the senior citizens because the youth will be busy in their own ways.”

The Samdrup Jongkhar MP, Ugyen Dorji said, “It is the responsibility of the government to rebuild the Dzong but the citizens initiative‘s effort will go a long way in the process of rebuilding.”

Many professional journalists in the media fraternity know Passang Dorji as an ethical and highly committed journalist.

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  1. Even my 2 yrs grandson cried bitterly at the sight of Wangdi Phodrang Dzong under blazing fire. It should be rebuilt by Bhutanese hands only and the Bhutanese people particularly Sha Dhargay should come forward for free labour contribution and the rest can contribute other materials or money so that enough spiritual merit is accumulated. We should now recollect our forefathers who had come up with such magnificient Dzong despite many technological shortfalls as compared to day. With proper attitude and the tip of our spiritual motivation we can no daubt stand the Wangdi Dzong even better than before. Let us unite and show it be doing it.

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