Red homes to continue until there are more asymptomatic cases

The Prime Minister Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering said that in phase two red homes or isolation facilities will continue, but once there is a lot of asymptomatic cases then it will be lifted.

He said those who prefer to and do not have very good support systems at home can home to isolation facility. For those prefer to, have have a good structure and larger family group they being asked to stay at home.

“For now, we are sealing their doors because we do not want a sudden surge in cases in the community,” said the PM.

He said it all depends on how much sensitive we will be with red homes.

He said right now they have identified positive cases, but once there are larger community positive cases that are not detected those homes are also potential red homes.

“Right now we are in a strict mode and we either take them into a facility or seal the home. TAG is suggesting we seal them for 10 days though 7 days is enough, but to be really sure they are non-infectious 10-days is suggested and we have always gone with TAG recommendations.

The red homes standards and notifications will come out very soon,” said the PM. 

“Now as we have more and more asymptomatic positive cases in the community, we need not seal them. We will strictly advise them to stay home. Of course we understand that staying home will not be very easy to monitor and we will not be able to insure it but we will trust and the public must take its own responsibility,” added the PM.

He said there is no timeline for when it will happen, but the general guideline is when there are quite a lot of positive cases in the community that are asymptomatic and they are walking around with the virus without knowing, when hospital systems are manageable, and when there are many cases who are already infected and rate of transmission is very slow.

He said when they have herd immunity it is absolutely fine not to have red apartments at that time.

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