Regulations for street peddlers

While the government has allowed street vendors to ply their trade again it comes with conditions.

The cabinet has identified the need to bring up a structured regulation for the vendors who sell fast foods in the street.

While not allowing such practices could have been the solution but recognizing the people’s need, the government wants to come up with a well regulated practice so that the public concerns are checked.

According to the Prime Minister, there are many risks arising from people selling food in the street at late hours from hygiene to littering to disturbing the public peace.

Lyonchen, acknowledging the idea of street food across the world, has called for rules which can inspect the hygiene of food they sell eliminating the threat of illness to the general public.

“They can buy or sell but with proper regulation which can determine a specific place, time and hygiene standards so that those who wish to buys street foods can have the and the ones selling can get proper income” Lyonchen said.

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