Residents ignore notifications and blame TCC, Thromde Officials

The water problem in Thimphu is a perennial issue and fingers always point at the Thromde.

However the facts tell a different story.

City officials say that despite repeated notices the tenants or the building owners don’t clean their water tanks which lead to water contamination.   The chief of water section Naphel said, “The people know about the consequences but still they refuse to do it”.

He said that house owners are notified every year to clean their overhead tanks.

Although the water supplied to the town is purified from the water treatment plant yet the people complain about illness resulting from drinking water provided by the Thimphu City Corporation (TCC).

As of last year there were 172 cases of illnesses like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and conjunctivitis. 70% of these cases was caused by drinking water.

However this year starting from January, 2012 till date 108 cases of diarrhea, 4 cases of Typhoid and four cases of dysentery have been recorded. Nevertheless unlike last year there are no deaths. Last year one person died suffering from Typhoid.

As a disinfectant the officials at the water treatment plant adds chlorine and Aluminum Sulphate to absorb sediments and maintain the turbidity level. There is also a standard amount of chlorine to be added in a certain level of water.

The medical superintendant at the JDWNRH said that, although there are no recorded incidences of Aluminum Sulphate poisoning, if used in excessive amount, it could result in serious fatalities.

Considering the facts and figures, the solution to the turbid water problem in Thimphu according to the Thromde is that, the residents in Thimphu should simply follow the Thromde notifications which are sent annually.

The chief of water section said that the officials at times visit buildings and give suggestions on these issues. However he also said that the Thromde cannot visit each and every house and monitor or suggest how to maintain clean overhead tanks.

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  1. Dear Reporter, 
    It is not really a fact that you presented. Here you have presented only about not cleaning the the water tanks and building owners not listening to Thromde Officials. 

    You should also know that many houses in Thimphu the water supply source are not provided or maintained by thromde/TCC at all. It is directly from the runoff of water streams to their houses. Now under this sceniario , TCC/Thromde do not cater their services of treating the water. The scenario is within urban zones and falling under city norms. 

  2. Mr Naphel and Yeshey. 
    Stop beating around the bush. How come not cleaning the tank effects on City not being able to supply water on time. Forget about being intermittent, the wast does not even come for 1hr a day in some parts of Thimphu. 
    It is a total bullshit and a simple excuse. Water quality yes, but we are just having problem with the quantity of water alone!

  3. Thimphu Thromde needs to slap a huge tax for the services and fines to defaulters. So that we keep our capital city functioning well. 

  4. when we vote they act as if they can do any thing for community once they are the authority there is no change at all, so what is use for being thume and thompon if they don’t have clue to solve issue

  5. Glorified Clerk

    Thimphu is becoming like Kathmandu and Darjeeling where some parts don’t get water at all and those who get only for 1-2 hrs a day. Very soon we may have to buy water from tankers. I live in the core city area and I get water only for 1 hr in the morning an 1 hr in the evening. What is this? We have plenty of water especially in monsoon.

  6. The residents of Babina have been sipping Samtenlingpa’s contaminated water down the stream. There is no water tanks around forget about water treatment. I saw Thrompon roaming around that places several times but never bothers to do anything on the water issue. GOD please help us.

  7. Most water sources in our capital city are ill managed. Thromde does not even do a proper disinfection before supplying water for drinking. Simply dumping Aluminium sulfate and Chlorine could be disastrous both in the short and long term. Reckless dumping of wastes into otherwise clean streams is a common phenomena; these could actually be an excellent source of water with a bit of managment and care. Is it a shame to say that there is no adequate water in a “paradise of fresh water” like ours?

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