Dechencholing satellite town

Residents in Dechencholing satellite town frustrated with thromde as water problem gets severe

The residents of Dechencholing satellite town are facing acute water shortage since the area does not have thromde water connection and private house owner are not able to provide adequate water as the number of households are increasing every year and the water sources are drying up.

The residents and house owners requested Thimphu thromde to provide thromde connection but despite several request, so far nothing has been done.

Thimphu thromde has plan to develop this satellite town into model town and thromde will provide all the necessary infrastructure like construction of building, road and water among others.

Jigme Choden, 45-year-old resident said, “We receive water when it rains but most of the time, we don’t get water and sometimes we are left without water for a month. Even when thromde didn’t supply us water, the situation was better in past because there were only few people residing here and the water that private house owner supplied was sufficient but now with the increasing number of households because of affordable rent, the water is not sufficient”.

She said, “Of course thromde has done so much for us and the development of this town would benefit  us but we are desperately in need of water and would like to plead thromde to find other alternative and provide us water”.

“It has been more than a year that we are struggling water issues and most of the time we have to go somewhere else to get water”, she added.

Nidup Dorji, another resident who is 19-year-old said, “Water supply depends on respective house owners and there are only few residents who receive water.

Most of the time we have to fetch water from our neighbors but we cannot always collect water from their tape as there is shortage of water complain from people and sometimes they object too. We even told house owner but we were told that there is no water at the sources”.

He said, “So ask them to allow us to take water for drinking from them and for washing and cleaning, we have to manage water from somewhere else”.

Kinzang Wangmo, 30 said, “We have requested thromde official to visit our place to know about the problem we are facing because of water shortage and thromde even  visited and promised us that they will solve the problem but didn’t succeed. Thromde brought 4 storage tanks but it’s been  lying empty for a year now”.

Tshewang Lhamo, 40 said, “No matter how much we appeal or request, thromde does not support us. How can Thimphu thromde leave it up to house owner, this is unfair because thromde supplies water to every part of the city and just because they have plan to develop the area, they cannot ignore us by not providing water for years now. They have to find a way and supply us water”.

“They can at least make use of the storage tank instead of keeping it empty for years and supply us water”, she said.

A Thimphu thromde official said, “Thromde has plan to develop the area and we cannot provide connection right now because if we provide connection now, later while constructing building and roads, it will be damaged and we have to do all the work again which will be wastage of thromde’s fund and resources. But we have plans to provide thromde’s water and we are working on it.

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