Response on, “indian Journal uncovers a 1.5% ‘Commission’ deal Worth nu 240 mn For a Bhutanese Citizen in the nu 16 Bn electro-mechanical equipment tenders awarded For punatsangchu ii and mangdechu.”

Did BVT pay taxes to the government for the hefty free money?


There has been a similar case with Boeing local partner (supplying planes to DrukAir) when RGOB canceled the local partner out. It is extremely negligent on DGPC, MOEA, MOF and DHI officials to claim they were not aware of local partner in the 16 billion deal. Were their eyes covered? BVT was in business with BHEL since 2010. What about the BIT and PIT of its owner or owners?

S. Gurung

Now BHEL Chairman should resign or else Bhutanese and Indian citizens should force our governments to remove him. Enertia has done great job and no media in India has yet expose like this. Samidha

This case will slowly disappear…. somehow it will disappear!


No wonder costs of hydro projects are doubled and we all are paying it. We need to find the answer to the following questions:

– Why BVT was employed (did the govt. of the day insist on that requirement?) -Did BVT declared the receipts as income and paid taxes?

– Are such middlemen involved in other projects as well.

There must be many things hidden here and exposing and looking deeper into such topic will take out more skeletons from the cupboard. Please go after the story and we have the right to know it.


Please ACC and RAA don’t only catch small fish in small streams as big fishers are enjoying and getting fatter in Oceans and lakes. This could be why there is cost escalation of PHPA II and many more. Even if BHEL needs agents in Bhutan it should go through the proper channel. This is just Bronze dig more as there are silver and gold layer still under the earth.


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