Response to “A harrowing journey for Bhutanese pilgrims organized by a Bhutanese tour company”

The tour company must be sued based on reports taken from majority of the travelers. The company shouldn’t be permitted to operate next time.

Thinley  Namgyel


This is happening because there is no system which checks whether these tour operators are genuine.

Karma Kelzang Eudon


People died and were tortured. Yet if operator says it is not others business, then the operators need psychiatric help and not victims.

Drup Jiten


This seems like a complete robbery.Day light robbery indeed.

Gyel Sen


A shopkeeper does not force a customer to buy his or her goods. I know our people have blind faith in many aspects. I wonder why despite all these hassles our people spend so much and go to India every year. As a matter of fact, most of them would not have visited even Paro Taktshang here at our doorstep, all free of cost with complete peace of mind. Our father also has so many harrowing experiences from his pilgrimage in India to share, yet he visited nine times. Just can’t believe how idiotically our people tend to behave in the name of Dharma.

Tenzin Dorji


Zhingkham Pelri is also operating a pilgrimage trip to Bodha Gaya and Tsho Pema. His wife is operating in Bhutan Lhatong and the husband is in Zhingkham Pelri as highlighted above. Zhingkham Pelri is also the worst operator where our innocent and illiterate people are cheated and duped. They have advertised in BBS that food, lodging and transportation are included in the trip but out of 18 days trip there were only 6 halts provided in a pigsty hall accommodating 40-50 people in a group. There is no advance travel itinerary and there is only one guide for 4 buses. Rest of the time we were in the bus travelling and people suffered from swelling legs and have also fallen sick but the organizers did not bother bother to care for the sick people. It is better that such operators are banned from doing such businesses. The organizer has to be a registered tour operator under the Tourism Council of Bhutan to earn money. Many innocent people are cheated and fall prey under such organizers. From the bus stand we have to pay from our own pocket for taxi fares where taxi service is required. Meals were provided half boiled and so many pilgrims suffered from diarrhea and stomach disorders. This to remind all Bhutanese travelers to be cautious traveling through such agents. It is better to travel on your own.



I am inviting inputs from other relevant agencies and asking Office of Consumer Protection led by DG Dasho Ugyen Chhewang to draft a guideline. A guideline for this issue is being worked out led by Officer of Consumer Protection under Ministry of Economic Affairs. I am inviting inputs from Tourism Council of Bhutan, Road Safety and Transport Authority, Department of Culture. Please also chip in with your ideas.

Lyonpo Lekey Dorji (MoEA minister)

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