Response to ‘ACC may soon appeal to the Supreme Court against the High Court verdict’

OAG seems to be a puppet of the ruling government. We expect you to fight against corruption and not favor corrupt people. If you really feel ACC is wrong then why not dissolve ACC in first place. Now I understand what Dasho Neten meant when she said, that the co-operation of stake holders is must.

By Pure Bhutanese



Since the Home Minister is the step-son-in-law of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the CJ may not preside over the case to avoid conflict of interest (Code of Conduct Section 111, Judicial Service Act, 2007).

We expect some judges to give dissenting opinions.

By Sonoma


This is what happens in a young democracy, the government of the day enjoys the veto power. They can bend, twist and nullify the corruption case because we have seen how HC has interpreted a very corrupt case. HC is absolutely wrong in supporting the involved ones. They stated that the law enforced is before and after. Even if it a decade ago, the guilty is guilty. It is shame on our part to make the corrupted people run their posts.

 By Enough Now



OAG is a useless organization. Day by day, I am losing faith in OAG. Remove all those in OAG. I think they should know that the public is not at their side.

By Dorji


It is high time to provide security for Dasho Neten as she may be targeted. Bhutan cannot afford to lose people like her

By Karma



OAG – Office to Avert Guilt?

By Lodru


So sad to see OAG favoring corrupt people. I think it’s time for the people of Bhutan to appeal to His Majesty and get his guidance as the OAG is overacting on the Gyelpozhing case. Even if ACC appeals to the Supreme Court, who knows what will happen. What if the verdict is the same?

By Karma



I am afraid that this is govt is using the office of the OAG to hide themselves from the case. If they have not done anything wrong, then why should they try all this funny drama? I am actually enjoying this. At the same time I am equally concerned that this government is not true to its promise of zero tolerance to corruption. They are setting a bad precedent and this may lead to anarchy and destabilize our democracy.

I urge all right thinking citizens and lovers of democracy to seriously think which party to choose as our next government.

By Wisdom


Response to ‘Kerala Court to request Bhutanese Court for information on Bhutan Lottery Scam’

I hope the government does not bungle up this case. If it does, then the implications could have far reaching and dangerous repercussions for Bhutan.

Damcho Dorji


For Gods sake please don’t request the Court, it is futile. As long as the present government rules they don’t accept their weaknesses/negatives. They will again engage the OAG to defend them. The case will be a national failure.

By Sonoma


The system is corrupt and the closure of Bhutan Lottery was done quickly to avoid what was going to take place which is a CBI inquiry. The corrupt guys saw it coming and they immediately closed the lottery. Political parties should take note of this.

Phub Gyamo







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