Response to “Are Bhutan’s Powerful Secretaries Running A Parallel Government?

This is an alarming trend in a young Democracy or should we call it a Demo-crazy, I always welcomed a transparent Democracy which gives power to the people, instead it looks like someone forgot to change the clause on responsibilities of a Secretary, when Bhutan embraced Democracy.

We understand that, the present government Ministers are juniors and could have worked under them in the past, but by the virtue of peoples mandate they have been elected as their representatives, and everyone must give due respect to the position of a Minister.

Secretaries in their own domain are withholding sensitive information, misusing powers, not blending with the counterparts, and taking advantage of their position.If the actions of these people are left unchecked on matters of accountability and their misdeeds, then we could be in complicated situation in the near future.

Therefore, it is only right to set a boundary for their actions and allegiance to the King and Country.

Karma Jamyang

They have to be supportive to the head of the government to help achieve plans and policies-after all they are civil servants. If they are unwilling to obey the NC/ NA members they are unfit to occupy the chairs. This will hamper the progress of ruling party to achieve their targets in the stipulated years. Those kind of secretaries should be removed from there. We don’t need “Gyalkhap Chi-lu Siju Nyi”- Two policies for one nation.


RCSC chairperson, Cabinet secretary and the PM, all seem okay with how they function and coordinate as institutions. Now what is the fuss about secretaries exercising their authority and doing their job according to laws and mandates? If only we understand running a ministry, for that matter, a government is not as easy as managing a private newspaper business.


This is really alarming for a young democracy like ours. The common notion among senior bureaucrats is that the political government is a temporary one where as they are the permanent government. Hence they take enough courage to look down upon the democratic government even it means the ministers or the prime minister himself. This will definitely set a very bad precedence and will directly affect the functioning of democracy today and in future. Such tradition has to be brought to task and people need to be taught to respect a democratic government.


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