Response to ‘Banks want RMA to remove new limits that come with opening housing, vehicle and consumer loans’

As an ordinary citizen i would like to request the RMA to remove the loan cap of Nu 3 mn on residential homes. I would also request RMA to remove the one loan per family in a lifetime condition for such loans. The reason is that these days even the cheapest apartments are not available for Nu 3 mn as the cost in many places in Thimphu and Phuntsholing are much above Nu 3 mn.

For someone wanting to buy land and build their dream home the loan amount will not even cover the cost of buying a decent plot. For those who already have land the amount of Nu 3 mn is not enough to build a decent two storey house.

After all when people build a home they don’t want to keep rebuilding and adding new floors once they can afford a new loan after every few years. I would suggest that the cap be entirely removed and even if the RMA is adamant on a cap then make it Nu 5 mn. I also feel that the Nu 20 mn cap for commercial housing loans is not based in reality. These days with inflation shooting up most commercial buildings cost much more to build.


Response to ‘Pay Hike Will Have Minimal Impact On Inflation’

As a private businessman and shop owner i am in complete agreement with the above article and research done by the NSB and MoEA. As a businessman I and many of my friends have not increased the prices of products which are sold within the MRP.

The prices of goods like oil, salt, sugar, rice etc are all determined by the wholesalers in Phuntsholing and India. For them the price in turn is determined by the manufacturers mainly in India. The wholesalers keep a small profit margin and sell to us after which we keep a small retail profit margin and sell within the MRP.

Even if there were a hundred pay hikes the prices of goods will remain the same as it is dependent on the prices in India and also there are too many of us competing witOKh each other. As a businessman i would suggest people avoid going to a

few shops that charge much higher rates than others as the majority are selling at fair prices. Next time i hope people will do similar research before coming up with blind accusations.


People who compiled the report should have done some more homework especially in the housing part. We don’t have to travel miles to see the impact on the house rent, just take a stroll from changzamto to Jungshina and asked the tenants; then only one will realize the fact.

Regarding Tsongpon Dawa Dorji from sabji bazaar, it gives me a perception that he is running a charity retail shop. It’s simple mathematics. When transportation cost increases due to rising fuel cost (impacted by Green tax on fuel),the cost of commodities need to cope with the rising transportation cost. Market competition governs the price but business needs to run at profit (its a simple thumb rule).


Be it whatever, weather increase in civil servant’s salary increases inflation or not. The pie or share civil servants got is very minimal. Had that been the case; better there wasn’t any revision.

Zhenphen Dorji

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