Response to, “Bhutan Could Lose Bil¬lions In Revenue In 11th Plan Due To Delay In Punatsangchu I”

I expected this problem long time ago even much worse should be expected but who will listen to us. They just underestimate us. I am not really sure where the sinking activities are going on as I cannot see it on Google earth map. As a concerned citizen of my country Bhutan, I would like to request the team from India to consider that the fault line is just passing across the Punatsangchu project. We can see and say through an aerial photo interpreta-tion. This should be considered not only for sink-ing but this should be taken care for the long term. There can be problems even after the completion of the project if it is not addressed. I know the geologi¬cal situation is very complex with a lot of influences of the groundwater pore pressures. The change in the rock units are also reasons for the sinking. I am just trying to add few notes to my fellow Indian experts. I have no idea how are good at Himalayan geology which is very different from the Indian sub continent. The nature of the slope which is struc¬turally driven can be problem in this area as the gradient of the slope is too high. I am writing here all these not to say I know everything but I am writ¬ing because I am concerned true son of Bhutan and to share the views if considered.

Son of Drukyul

This is really, really bad news for Bhutan particu¬larly at this juncture when the country is going through difficult economic times.

What is most important is how did the experts who prepared the DPR miss this serious geological prob-lem? It is important because we cannot afford to face similar problems in the numerous hydro power projects that are lined up for the immediate future. Is it true that such a problem could have been averted if the project authorities had not shifted the dam site without proper geological studies of the current area just to gain a few additional MW of power as against the dam site proposed in the DPR? This argument seems to lend credence from what we heard about the cost overrun due to major changes made to the project components from that foreseen in the DPR.

So, the government should try to find out what went wrong and why so that such mistakes are not repeated on other hydro power projects.


The ego centric self promoted staff in GSI or WAP¬COS cannot even understand and fathom geological setup. Bhutan should outsource the contract and funding to some other true intelligent entities.


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