Response to “BICMA Cuts Off Excess TV Channels”

Policy makers in the government, representatives in the parliament and religious handlers are imposing bans, restrictions and nonsense rules and regulations not based on scientific logic, or for that matter on common sense on people.

People pay taxes to pay their salaries and in return expect them to create an environment that would promote and realize strategic thoughts and material growth. We are now facing bans like blanket no meat-eating ban, smoking-ban, vehicle import ban and now TV channels ban. We are acting like a North Korean regime.

Bhutan’s image in the world is now a “Country that Bans”. We are doing everything that is contrary to developing our people, society and country. Bans eliminate the space for creativity, innovation, imagination, invention and enterprise. As a consequence, people continue to be poor in thoughts and material.

We want to create an Education city expecting people to come to Bhutan to study and we want to offer the best in the world, but we do everything that does not support what we want. Students would rather go to Yale, MIT, Stanford, UCLA etc. but not to Bhutan. Why are we punishing ourselves? We are doing it because we do things without thinking thoroughly and without understanding the cause and effect of our actions and thoughts. We are not doing things based on scientific pursuits, research, findings, and logic, or for that matter, even common sense.

No wonder Buddha demanded that every one of us understand the cause-and¬effect of our actions and thoughts. We are not following this principle that is why we are what we are today.

Bhutan as a country should perform better and thereby her citizen will become even more respected in the world. For example, Bhutanese need visas to visit any country in the world, except for one or two, while citizens of most developed countries do not require visa to visit other countries.

This is because we are economically poor, and they are worried that Bhutanese will not return to Bhutan after getting into their countries. This is a proxy of the strength of Bhutan as a country at the moment.

The strength of our country is determined by the strength of our citizens. That is what America is founded on including all the developed nations. This is one principle policy makers cannot avoid and they must apply it for the good of the country.

By Tenzin

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