Response to Government Clears Road To Formation Of A Pay Commission

At the present economic situation it is indeed wrong to increase the pay and allowances for civil servants and local government leaders. For many years I have been working in the accounts section with lots of strains and I have come to know that human desires can never fulfilled. Though there is unbridled inflation and other cost escalations in the markets yet looking at the income resources of our country, PDP government should not increase salaries.


Most of the graduates opting for civil service rather than private employment are mainly because they see more room for corruption like misusing pool vehicles, foreign trips, misuse of authority and so on. It is high time that the pool vehicle system is discontinued by our present government and rather they should increase the traveling expenses. The prevailing misuse of pool vehicle by senior officials coupled with maintenance cost in collusion with workshop owners by drivers has reached to an extent that the government will be able to save billions of Ngultrums if the pool vehicles are withdrawn. It is quite doubtful whether such a proposal would ever be raised by the members of the Pay Commission as they are benefiting from the system.


Response to “Bhutan Has To Become More Youth-Friendly”

If we want our youth to be resourceful and fruitful, we need to groom them in a beautiful environment. The environment could be homes, schools and government institutions. There should not be restrictions if they want to explore the world in a better way for a better living. It is of course important to actually know their potential in various fields so that they may not be placed in the wrong place. I strong agree with the author because he has concern for our youth as he has mentioned many relevant issues of the youth. The most important thing the government should know is that youth are the asset of the nation so they should be properly utilized for the greater benefit of the nation.


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