Response to Land Bill 2012 gives ‘Kidu’ powers to Cabinet

1. This is a dangerous development as most people involved in the Gyelpozhing land scam were politicians

By Pem


2. I don’t buy the idea of conferring land Kidu to Cabinet. First, unconstitutionality of overriding the Royal prerogative. Second, every five years cabinet would change and Bhutan would lose, in the name of Kidu, a huge patch of land. Anything can happen with a changing cabinet, so I suggest leaving this to our beloved Monarchs. I know our Honorable members of cabinet would argue that this is the democratic situation elsewhere but I say you cannot harvest everything that is harvested elsewhere too. Sometimes taking the contextual framework to apply is also important.

By Tsering


3. As per the Constitution it’s the sole prerogative of the King to grant Kidu of all sorts in the kingdom and not anybody else. How can the Cabinet snatch this sacred duty of our beloved Monarch?  Please don’t do that as the policy makers are encroaching and if it ever goes that way the government must be put to impeachment for it completely goes against the constitution as there is no article talking about Cabinets role in Land Kidu except the Monarch. Instead the Cabinet plans and policies must go in line with the Article 9 of the constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan (Directive Principles of State Policy). Let us pray and hope that it will never happen in our wildest dreams that such a Bill is passed in the parliament.

By Messi


4.  This is where democracy is flawed; the governments come into power through fair means (not always the case). Once they are in power, they will do everything to stay in power. If they have power to distribute lands, they will do so in the most corrupt manner (which will be made conveniently legal by them). I see unfair distribution, I see rich people getting richer. I see disgruntlement amongst people; I see our country in the dumps.

By Ugyen


5. The right laws, policies, rules and regulations governing the land distribution could not be more important than any other laws for Bhutan with a sizeable amount of habitable and cultivable land.

The draft Land Bill of 2012 has to be studied thoroughly before it becomes an act. The bill giving the power to the cabinet for land allotment and distribution warrants more debate and discourse.

In a democracy, important decisions must be taken by politicians voted to power by the people. They have the mandate to ensure the welfare of the citizenry. They have the responsibility to deepen and sustain democracy as a form of governance.


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  1. People have to understand the proposed Land Bill in full context. Otherwise their opinions will be very biased and short sighted. Including “the Bhutanese” must carefully analyse the bill before throwing out “frog in the pond” views.

    • Nobody can understand anything unless there is greater transparency and more sharing of information. If the DPT doesn’t like ‘frog in the pond’ views then they need to enlighten the public by sharing every bill with the public. Instead they hide everything and hide documents even from government departments. In this case they didn’t even inform the Zimpon’s office about matters that impact their responsibilities.

      Don’t blame this paper. Blame the DPT and their guilty complex.

  2. These same people who have encroached on government land using power they had as bureaucrats are now encroaching on King’s power as ministers. 

    Land is too sensitive an issue to be left to politicians.

    What next? Sell this country to India or China.

    We didn’t want democracy for these reasons. 

  3. There should not be any problem as long as the land is to belong to democrats than others, i remember a day when certain Bhutanese territory stopped being Bhutanese, map says truth, we have a new map now, had it been in party’s responsibility then the members could have used their sweet, melodious and eloquent rhetorics to reclaim the lost teritory. History repeats itself, but a social change can. Remember DPT isn’t ruling Bhutane for ever, for that matter not even beyond 2013.
    Start learning what democracy means, next time there are nation sensitizing issues like this, keep quite if your opinion differs from democratic..

  4. There should not be any problem as long as the land is to belong to democratic government, if maps say truths democracy is new in Bhtan is a new thing, do we have new map now? A lot of Bhutanese territory must have belonged to India even after 2007 treaty, a political party can be held accountable for bigger issues like this only if we confer some right to them, next party should come to establish ambessy in China. Then the search for kidu right can be given, else as everyone thinks its risky because of the people involved in land scams, some forgot resettlement Scams when fearing to democratize a small part of land-system. A democratic system is where system through parties can give what people really want. Few houses may be isolated in a thicket hours away, would it be more convient to resetle this pleace at a new place or to build schools, hospitals, bridges and roads for them? The term ‘kidu’ does not mean doing otherwise. If in future our neighbours want to encroach into reritory no politicians will take interest to solve such issues; unless they have some right at the base it doesnot become responsibility of them. But by now DPT members could have used their sweet, melodious and eloquent rhetorics to reclaim the teritory lost to China, if cordycep fields cannot be granted by a political party people would neither vote the government nor defend their territory at community level. History repeats itself, but social changes also happen to avoid history affecting in same ways. Remember DPT isn’t ruling Bhutane for ever, for that matter not even beyond 2013.
    Start learning what democracy means, next time there are nation sensitizing issues like this, keep quite if your opinion differs from democratic….

  5. Do you remember the Tobacco Control Act of 2012? How many people went to JAIL for it? All of us didn’t bother to think upon the consequences of such legislation. We thought it didn’t affect us and that we could get around it somehow. But affect us – it did – Big Time. How much hurt and anxiety we had to go through from such a draconian rule. Our indifference (lack of interest) cost us. Response from us was at best Reactionary BUT nevertheless LATE!!!
    The proposed Amendment to the LAND ACT of 2007 – is a Déjà vu – BUT with Greater Consequences. 
    This time it is not a question about spending some time in jail but about taking the Country along a path of no return – a country where the difference between the rich and poor will be far too great that it will result in a revolution – disorder – a collapsed economy – a bleak future for our children – the very sovereignty our country will be compromised. This bill if passed is going to make DPT government an autocratic government and Jigmi Y. Thinley a despotic ruler. DPT’s ambitions are growing by the day.The very thought of the consequences of this bill sends chills down my spine. My fears are not unfounded: -Take for example – THE EDUCATION CITY SCAM (Corruption case at the highest level) – Lyonchhen stands to benefit both directly and indirectly. When the country is faced with Rupee Crisis, how could he go and spend Nu. 15 MILLION on conducting a GNH Conference in New York. Others of note are TROWA THEATER CASEGYALPOSHING LAND SCAMCHANG UGYEN’S OLAKHA LAND SCAMNOW THE GOVERNMENT WANTS THE POWER TO GIVE KIDU LAND. THEY HAVE NO DECENCY AT ALL!!! PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO REFLECT UPON THIS AND DON’T GET CAUGHT UNAWARE!!!

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