Response to, “Ministers get to keep their Toyota Prados and office equipment”


It’s a well deserved perk. However, in their benevolence and any moral discomfort they may experience due to an exchequer in heavy debt, they should be most welcome to refuse or donate to a good cause.



It is sad to see our leaders would not show an example even when the country is going through an acute Rupee problem. If iIwere the Prime Minister, I would not need two or three Prados for my personal use. It is a great opportunity to be an exemplary leader but this PM has failed to secure my vote by being so insatiable even when the country is going through such deep cuts due to the Rupee problem. It is incredible that GNH leaders are truly insatiable. Average Bhutanese people are even able to buy their first family Maruti car, but these so-called leaders pile up with Prados one after another. I think Bhutanese people should seriously consider before pressing the wrong EVM button this time.



If MPs deserve Nu 700,000 to buy car, i think it is fair for cabinet ministers to get their used Prado. After all, they had to shoulder such big responsibilities and, more so, they are being thoroughly grilled by the media. For some, even age old issues were dug just because they are in politics and had to face ACC and court while others who haven’t joined politics are enjoying without being under media glare.



They should know that this is our tax money that they are taking! They say they are there for us “the people” and what do they do, they simply rob us off at the end. Imagine how much could have been done with that one Prado’s money. One Prado’s cost could easily build a hostel for students in some remote areas where they are living in shacks or a decent home for a farmer in remote village.



– They beg for votes giving false promises

– After being elected, the first thing they discuss in parliament is their entitlements

– They turn the country upside down, neglecting important matters, instead concentrating on their own self interests

– After their term ends, they beg our king for prados and land cruisers

Now they will again come begging for our votes. Be careful of who you vote for!

It is very shameful of them, especially the ones who have already received many prados and land cruisers before. If I were them, I would not even be able to raise my head and face the public.

If these things are going to happen, we should do the following:

– Ask the donor countries to stop giving us any funds. It’s better to put those funds to better use in their own countries rather than help support a country led by greedy people, who pockets majority of the funds.

– Stop paying our taxes. The little taxes we pay are nothing compared to the national assets these people rob our country of. But for us, the taxes we pay are a lot and constitute a major portion of our earnings! We work hard all round the year, pay PIT, BIT. 5 years of democracy has been there to only make this poor country poorer by way of election expenditure, salaries and benefits for useless MPs and ministers. Soon it will turn GNH into GNP (Gross National Poverty).


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  1. some one has pointed MPs as useless; i don’t agree but that they should talk less of themselves and more of people who have voted them to lead the nation. definitely, the amassing of prados doesn’t auger well for the so called people’s elected representatives. from my opinion, the OL deserves true respect for his kind act and not like other lyonpos who are shamelessly clinging on the …. hope people will decide in the next round of pressing the EVM.

  2. Surely one should press the button that has all the Prados, and may be we could get one soon.

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