Response to, “Ministers Will Be replaced if They Cannot Perform or Get into Controversies”

This is a clear indication of a matured government. The Prime Minister or any other minister should not support corrupt leaders who like to party every time, organize any kind of tournament (since they are elected to serve the King, Country and People). Be it the opposition party or ruling government one should be free from corruption, nepotism, abuse of power, womanizing. Everybody must put the codes in their heart and not just depict it outside.


PDP, I really appreciate such a measure. However, i sincerely beg of you to do something about the civil service organizational culture and leadership aspects at Director and DG level. I cannot justify in a few words but if you meet government officials below 18 years in service you will definitely understand our frustration. Dissatisfaction subdued in a conventional working approach has to a large extent impacted negatively the overall expected output and productivity further resulting in waste of government resources and human resource. So, I beg PDP to give us the opportunity to share our genuine issues for the betterment of this country.

Ping Pong

Great, it would be greater if the code also included a section where the PM had to face a vote of no confidence as well.

Ugyen Tenzin

This is a good move.


Now that the party is the government, I feel it is important that you should talk more of Government and Governance rather than the Party. Giving too much importance to the Party now can jeopardize your priorities. Now should be the time to govern and this means certain leeway and independence to the ministers will make a big difference but of course they always have to be mindful of the party manifesto. The Party I think should be run separately and should not come ahead of the government machinery. If ministers should mind the party more than his/her own ministry, then I am afraid it will not bode well for democracy in our country.

Love my Country

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