Response to, “Performance Manage¬ment System Aims To Reward Hard Work And Pull Up Slackers”

Good. This government is bring changes according to the ground realities. It should be there till individual level.

Sangay Letho

This system is nothing new and it is already being prac¬ticed in every government office and organization.


Who is going to verify if progress and outputs shown by the civil servants are real achievements or just made up?


This is a good timely initiative by the goverment. Our civil service is really suffering.


Hope for the best. May it in turn really help civil servants who are serving from the heart and not from the lips. Till date we see the people who are doubly promoted or got promotion on merit basis but is it meritorious or just the lips of those secretaries, directors, dzongdas, dungpas,HROs, DEOs, down the line using just lips and pushinh promotions. These are really bad and discourag¬ing for those who are serving with heart and soul. Hope, this government will prove that PMS is a success story. All the best and touch the bottom line.


Response to The Game Changes As Landlords And Empty Flats Desper-atley Hunt For Tenants

Market reality is an oversupply of apartments. So rental prices will go down and building owners will have to in¬ject their own personal cash to make up the difference and meet monthly mortgages. Classic case of the Real Estate bubble bursting. Who is going to buy luxury duplexes, commercial, residential and budget apartment complex-es? These real estate companies made a wrong calculation and payed exorbitant prices and increased the price of land ten-fold. Then they went ahead and got multi-crore bank loans to build massive building projects. They found easy money in such ventures and thought the good time will last forever. Already the completed buildings have no takers as the article above suggests. Even if bank loans are offered buyers will think twice before they buy such units. A case of once bitten, twice shy.


The real problem is with our Bhutanese minded land-lords, where even after knowing their inability to attract the occupants they are reluctant to bring down the rental charges. They only think of maximizing their profit at one go.

Crazy Bhutanese

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