Response to ‘PM In Austerity Mode As He Rejects Luxury Duty Vehicles, Bungalow, Pilots, Security Guards, And Protocol’

Here is the true Bhutan. Was waiting for many years and now we got it



The austerity initiatives propounded by His Excellency clearly demonstrates how we as an individual can bring changes to our style of functioning thus reducing the burden on the government exchequer. If all the Ministers embrace what the Hon’ble PM has exhibited, we are confident that a greater chunk of Chadi fund can be saved and use the amount for the benefit of socioeconomic development. We hope the entourage of Ministers and senior government officials is reduced to cut on un-necessary expenditures on food, lodge and hospitality of course. Further, the new government should carryout in-depth research on the current decentralization structures to further PDP’s “Wangtse Chirpel” ideology on human resource management, financial powers at the Gewog,Dungkhag, Dzongkhag and the Ministry levels. For this, probably, a committee should be constituted and delegated responsibility to conduct field research so as to obtain the real pictures of the existing form of Governance.

Nima Gyeltshen


The PM should accept some of the security personnel as it is not only about traffic jam but personal life threat as well. Hope the expensive Toyota crown car is not misused by someone and PM should be vigilant if it is being misused.



This is a Great Start! We Wanted the Change and PDP must do that!

Dirty Polictics


Thank god it’s the end of autocracy. We are confident that our present PM and colleagues will be connected to the people of Bhutan.

Sangay Dorji


I couldn’t help commenting on this news. As a citizen, I am truly inspired by the gesture of our new PM: I am proud to say Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay is my Prime Minister! Unlike some people, I refuse to believe that this is a political stunt by the PM: I wholeheartedly believe that he cares for Bhutan and its people. Lyonchen TT is the leader of leaders! God Bless the new PM.

Tshewang Dorji


We must give due respect to Lyonchen for doing away with some of the existing perks and protocols that cost the exchequers heavily. Any austerity measure that helps the state coffers is a welcome move. However some of the customs like chipdrel ceremony are a beautiful aspect of our custom, it is not just protocol alone but also crucial in creating auspicious tendrel for any new beginnings. So i am not sure if Lyonchen’s doing away of even chipdrel ceremony will help our GNH pillar of culture promotion and preservation. I think it is very much part of the Bhutanese identity and Lyonchen as Head of the government must preserve this age old tradition. It makes perfect sense to do away part of our customs and traditions that are wasteful and creates further power distance, nevertheless, i am not sure if doing away everything, even the symbolic yet meaningful cultural practices would be a wise decision in the long run. We still need to create certain level of sacred outlook towards the noble position of Lyonchen through some of this very deeply symbolic practices like chipdrel procession for all times to come. Doing away every part of our cultural symbols just to fulfill the criteria of being democratic might not necessarily mean good. We still need these profound symbolisms passed down through generation with deep meanings behind them to flourish even in a democratic era. Not merely to create top down attitude but rather to create a sense of sacredness as every political leader in the pledge their services to the Tsa wa sum.


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