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Many who voted for DNT, went on to vote for PDP. DNT voters did not like DPT or PDP, but when the primary results came out, DNT supporters realised only 17% of them were intelligent. We felt sad, and had to take a wise step next. . DPT failed us! So we had to look at PDP although it was seen as bad in 2008, they did not actually have those people in 2013. So naturally PDP was preferred. Now who people prefer to vote is their own wish. You can’t blame them and say that they were influenced by civil servants or say DNT supporters and etc. This is democracy. We need to work beyond the interest of a party – we need to see that our country’s future is taken in consideration. If we want to serve Tsa Wa Sum of King, Country and People, we should stop the faithfulness to any party or leader. We should vote against inefficient party, and give another a chance, if that party too does not serve well kick them out and vote for another. Let us be wise and take care of our country! Pelden Drukpa Gyelo!

Sonam T

General Election held on 13th June 2013 has given a huge mandate for People’s Democratic Party with 32 seats out of 47. They had secured two-third majority in the lower house. It is a huge comeback from 2008 where they secured measly two seats often dubbed as world’s smallest opposition. From my personal opinion there are many reasons why PDP stormed to party. These are Swaying of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa supporters, Indo-Bhutan Friendship politicization, Debt Issues, Corruption Card, Social Media, Indian Government’s involvement, instilling fear of China, politicizing armed forces and religious personalities, strong candidates and unclear promises.

Dorji Tenzin Thinley

It was more or less a repeat of 2008. In 2008, DPT won a landslide victory riding on JYT factor and negative campaigning. This time, besides the factors mentioned above in your article, to some extent it was also due to negative campaigning which both the parties resorted to which clinched the results at the end. I can already foresee a similar scenario in 2008 which worries me to no end!


Please stop pointing fingers at each other. Its high time the two parties work in harmony now.

Jopon Wangdi

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