Reviewing existing laws – a common pledge among Samtse NC candidates

People of Samtse are spoiled for choice with 8 aspiring National Council candidates competing in the NC Elections.

Chungdu Tshering holds BA Degree from Simtokha, Thimphu. He was a producer/reporter in radio at BBS, served as dy. CEO and general manager in a private company, freelance translator and is an experienced project writer.

If elected, he pledges to carry out legislative functions, review and comment on the politics, plans and programs of the government and review issues of national importance. 

Ngawang Tshering holds BA Dzongkha with English, Sherubtse College and MA Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religious, Nalanda University. He has served as a Dzongkhag Culture Officer.

He has pledged to bring the people’s views at the national level. He said he will be an effective voice for his constituents in promoting policies that will benefit everyone. He is committed to ensuring the people’s voices are heard and needs are met.

In terms of policy review mandates, he recognize that education, healthcare, environment, economic development, and social justice are major issues of concern.

A 36-year-old Til Chand Sharma is one among the other aspiring candidates contesting for the seat in the NC. He holds Bachelors of Science in IT. Prior to joining the politics he served as teacher, technician, assistant IT officer and worked as a social worker.

He pledged to amend and review the existing laws, to act as a guide with strength, be an active citizen in serving the country and promote peace and stability with effectiveness, accountability and sustainability.

Pol Prasad Chapagai holds MBA in HR/ Marketing and Diploma in BA English. He was a farmer, vice principal, teacher, counsellor and assistant librarian before joining politics.  

Pol Prasad pledged to uphold the Constitution and ensure the rule of law for a vibrant democracy, review the 13th FYP and ensure that the national resources are equally distributed and support bills and policies that address the national issues. 

He further pledged to bring to the attention of the NC any specific issues concerning the public of Samtse for its consideration and review policies to enable private sector participation.

He pledged to carry out parliamentary functions as a non-partisan and apolitical member without pride, prejudice, fear or favor is one pledge among the others.

He aims to initiate new legislation, amend and repeal existing laws to make legislation relevant, to review the policies, plans and program and to scrutinize national, constituency and gewog issues.

Subash Sharma holds Master of Business Administration, Master of Marketing Management and Bachelors of Engineering. He was an engineer at TashiCell, an entrepreneur and author prior to joining the as an aspiring candidate.

He pledged to improve the oversight function of the Parliament and to safeguard the security and sovereignty of Bhutan and promote wellbeing of the people by upholding Constitution are his other pledges. He aims to work for promoting economic growth, technological development and agricultural development by empowering youth, women, senior citizen, children and differently-abled person.

Samir Giri shared that he is contesting in the race to uplift the rural livelihood. He graduated from Naresuan University, Thailand with First Class Honours in Human Resources Management. Prior to participating as a NC candidate, he served as a Gup for 5 years, and he managed a construction company.

If elected, he pledges to serve the country as per the directive of the NC without fear and with truthfulness, to address the agriculture need of the people, to address socio economic revival and address the rural livelihood.

Former teacher Kumar Ghalley is one aspiring candidate with a pledge to ensure that poverty, inequity, unemployment, youth problems and such other national concerns are addressed.

He further pledges that the policies are framed to usher in balance all round development, support the government of the day to fulfill its mandate, that the laws are framed to benefit the people and the country for all times to come and render necessary support to infuse GNH values to the people.

He holds B.Ed from Samtse College of Education and has 11 years of work experience as a teacher.

Tashi Dendup has worked as an educator and administrator at the Ministry of Education for 18 years and as a manager in the private sector for 2 years. He holds Masters of Professional Accounting, UA, Australia and did his B.Ed from Samtse College of Education.

He pledged that to ensure that formulation and review of any laws and policies will be done on research basis and any existing upswing proceeding policies, including economy, youth, business, mining, agriculture, health, education and tourism will be reviewed and further strengthened. 

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