Revised BQF to allow for Bhutanese qualifications to be recognized internationally

As Bhutan moves forward on its path of socio-economic development, the revised Bhutan Qualification Framework (BQF) will play a crucial role in ensuring that its workforce’s knowledge, skills, values and applications are recognized and valued both nationally and internationally.

The BQF will be a dynamic document that is responsive to changing national priorities and rapid developments in the global context.

The BQF will support employers in identifying the right candidates for job opportunities and enable individuals to make informed choices about their educational and career pathways.

Bhutan Qualifications and Professional Certification Authority (BQPCA) launched the revised BQF 2023. BOPCA will ensure the implementation of the BQF in close collaboration with key stakeholders.

The review was conducted to enhance trust, credibility, and accountability in light of the rapid development across sectors and beyond. The revised BQF includes qualifications from diverse education sectors such as community, school, vocational, higher, and monastic education in a single framework, making it more inclusive.

Its scope has also been expanded to consider the diversity across sectors and the rapid technological advancements, which demand the adoption of contemporary modes of delivery.

It will serve as the basis for ensuring quality at the national level and comparability of Bhutanese qualifications with other national and regional qualifications frameworks. It will also support national and international mobility.

The framework promotes lifelong learning through its flexible credit transfer system, multiple pathways for education and training progression, and recognition of prior learning and experiences of the learners

The BQF consists of eight distinct levels and four comprehensive domains viz. knowledge, skills, values, and applications. It provides a robust structure for organizing and classifying qualifications, making it easier for learners, employers, education and training providers, and regulatory agencies to understand and navigate the educational landscape.

The BQF ‘s set to transform how education and skills development credentials are recognized and valued across Bhutan’s learning and employment sectors.

Furthermore, the regulating agencies will have the basis to check the competencies of qualification holders and ensure that education and training providers meet the expected standards.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Jai Bir Rai expressed his enthusiasm for the BQF, stating that the launch of the BQF marks a significant milestone in Bhutan’s education and skills development journey. This framework will empower learners and professionals to make informed decisions about their educational paths, facilitate seamless mobility between different education and training sectors, build better confidence in industries on our human capital development, and foster a culture of lifelong learning.

The harmonization will enable Bhutan to strengthen its position on the global stage, attracting international collaborations and creating opportunities for learners to engage in transnational education and mobility.

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