Revised Science and IT curriculum to be implemented by 2017

sAlong with upcoming change in English curriculum of including Shakespeare, Royal Education Council (REC) is further working on bringing change, based on extensive research and recommendations and according to what the modern education system demands, to the study of other subjects, like Science, Geography, Math and History.

REC Director Kezang Choden Dorji said, “The revised IT and Science curriculum would be implemented for class XII in 2017, which is the last phase since the implementation process for the revised science started from 2013 with class IV.” Adding that revision of Science all the way to class XII has been completed.

There will be also be a comprehensive study on the impact of the English and Math curriculum. She said, “Revision of the curriculum as well as teacher PD will then be subject to its findings or recommendations.”

According to REC, the revision of Geography is overdue as much of its content is redundant. The revision of Geography from class VII onward is to commence shortly.

The reason for the curriculum revision, she said, “The Indian curriculum keeps on changing and is also it’s redundant.”

REC learned that the content based on the old curriculum was difficult for the students to learn, therefore, a change was felt to keep up with modern education in a systematic manner.

Economics revision in classes IX and X were completed and implemented by 2014. REC has further plans to change Geography and History soon.

“There will be a comprehensive study by an independent body on English and Mathematics curriculum within the next few months. Any revision, thereafter, will be subject to the findings of the study,” REC Director added.

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