Rinpoches support the Gelephu Mindfulness City project

The first phase of the Gelephu Mindfulness City project will be establishing it as a major Buddhist Vajrayana center and here the role of the Rinpoches, Trulkus and Khenpos will be important.

They will be like co-creators in the project and be involved in fund raising around the world and establishing centres.

The city could host multiple projects by different sects and for different and important Buddhist figures from Chenrezig to Manjushree to Guru Rinpoche to others.

In fact, holy Rinpoches and Trulkus of different sects accompanied His Majesty in a tour of Gelephu and Sarpang and other batches of Rinpoches are expected to come too.

Khamtrul Rinpoche said, “I am still learning about the project. Bhutan is the only Vajrayana country left in the world. Bhutan has a lot of authentic masters starting from Guru, Shabdrung Rinpoche and presently H.H The Je Khenpo. It is also true the world is going through a lot of anxiety and difficulty and so this is what the world needs and what Bhutan has to offer. It is very timely.”

When asked if he plans to establish a center he said, “I really have not thought about that as right now we don’t really know the details well. The potential is there.”

Rinpoche said all the spiritual masters around the world should help in this project as the main work of Lams and monks is to preserve the Buddhist fate and serving in Bhutan will be like serving Buddha.

Kalu Rinpoche said, “I think whatever His Majesty announced during the National Day, we are pretty much in that stage right now. This is the first stage of gathering and coming together and especially Rinpoches and Lamas getting to know each other. So that is that.”

On the potential of establishing centres, he said, “There is potential because it is led by His Majesty and of course like he mentioned during the National Day he has seen all the different countries who have worked on the similar projects, who have failed and succeeded and he has created the perfect model for it. I have 100 percent faith in it.”

Laytshog Lopon Sangay Dorji of the Zhung Dratshang said, “Our country is a country where the holy faith of Buddhism has flourished well in an unbroken line for a long time. The Buddhist Sangha faith and traditions in Bhutan are very rich as they have continued since ancient times with no break and if people adopt it sincerely then people can even achieve Nirvana in one lifetime.”

“Using Gelephu we can share this rich Buddhist faith and traditions with selected foreigners who are interested as expressed by His Majesty.”

The Lopon said Gelephu Mindfulness City as an economic Hub will make wealth for Bhutan internationally and the proceeds will be used in solving the country’s problems and Kidu.

He said at the same time using the same city Bhutan can give help those taking part in the city with mindfulness and repairing their minds and this is why this city will be a unique example in the world.

He said in other countries cities generate a lot of wealth and people then suffer from all kinds of mental afflictions but here in Gelephu the city can be used to heal minds.

On opening a center the Lopon said the Zhung Dratshang is the oldest institution in Bhutan that upholds the Choe sid Nyi for 400 years and so they have a presence in all 20 Dzongkhags and here too they will also serve and establish services will full dedication.

When asked if the Zhung Dratshang would welcome other masters from abroad he said, “We are inviting all the masters with whom we have contact to come and take part in the project.”

The Padtselling Trulku Rinpoche said, “Bhutan is a religious Kingdom and we have a King who is very unique. He is a King of prophecy and because of that he is of a Buddha nature and unchanging in his nature and because of that whatever he does will be successful.”

“I have always had faith in this and on top of this after listening to His Majesty in Gelephu my faith and trust has gone up even more. I stated to His Majesty that we Lams and Trulkus commit to support this project and I am confident it will be a success.”

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