Rio Summit will benefit Bhutan says Lyonchhen

After what is being described as a successful conference in Rio on Sustainable Development the Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley and his delegates are back in Bhutan. In his short briefing at the Paro international airport he said that Bhutan has been thrust into a position of leadership in the world and has contributed a lot for the future of mankind. He said the contribution has been widely appreciated.

Lyonchhen said that Bhutan in being a part of the world system gains a lot as the scope of such conference is for the well being of mankind in general. He said “we have also gained politically,” explaining that when a small country participates in an event like this, its stature and image rises furthering the country’s political interests.

Outlining the economic development gains for Bhutan Lyonchhen said, “More importantly the donor countries will co-operate further to support in Bhutan’s development process.”

He said that the UNDP in addition to the assistance provided in Bhutan’s development has also agreed on helping Bhutan in funding the International Expert Working Group (IEWG) which is to be formed in Bhutan. The working group is to be formed after a Kasho from His Majesty the King.  The group will have experts from around the world who will be working on formulating a new economic paradigm.

The Lyonchhen also said that the people who set up Ecological Footprint Analysis (EFA) are also willing to come to Bhutan to work with the IEWG. EFA is the measure of human demand on earth’s eco system.

He said that the cost efficiency of meeting diplomats and representatives of different governments for bettering Bhutan’s relations with other nations are lower in such events than visiting each of these countries and spending huge amount of money travelling.

He said that allegations of delegations going outside the country through Druk air for leisure is completely untrue. He clarified saying,” A lot of the interests of our country can only be attended to by going out and Bhutan can’t afford to wait for other countries to come here and volunteer their support”.

Apart from that Lyonchhen also said that the delegation was able to meet lot of government representatives from all over the world and ask for their support on Bhutan’s bid for a non-permanent member seat at the UN Security Council.

Meanwhile, he talked about ‘speculations made by numerous individuals on the agreement between the nations at the Rio conference as just mere paperwork’. He said, “Representatives from 193 countries came together and signed a common agreement and this in itself is a huge achievement”.

The Prime Minister also talked about a successful meeting with the Indian Prime Minister thanking him for the tremendous support provided to Bhutan in curbing the Rupee shortage problem which threatened the very basis of Bhutan’s economy. He said they also discussed about various other cooperation’s between the two nations.

Lyonchhen also mentioned his meeting with the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao and their talk on mutual respect between the two countries.

At the end of his briefing he said that a Bhutanese what so ever his profession he may have he should know the significance of the values of Gross National Happiness as the world’s eye lay upon Bhutan to lead the way.

Considering all individuals from the Government, UN agencies and NGO’s, Bhutan was represented by 25 individuals at the Rio 20+ conference.

Lyonchhen will travelto Wangduephodrang at 5.30 am today.

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  1. This are all bullshit, it will be washed away in drain. This kind of summit are a holiday package for world leaders for relaxation, next time they should have in hawaii or las vegas. This kind of summit are unnecessarily wasting resource instead if the money taken for organizing and attending this summit is used in to alleviate poverty in poor countries would be a noble idea.

  2. Another fallacy, ask me how and i have solution. The next vote be done and Lyonchhen will probably resign to be a leader in GNH secretariat that he wishes to establish as an international happiness center. Mercy be ours, vote not DPT again.

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