Road block leaves men and machine stranded

Excavators are positioned at different locations to clear road blocks

Numerous roadblocks as a result of heavy rainfall in Trashigang and Samdrup Jongkhar has stranded vehicles plying on these roads.

With the rain which doesn’t show any sign to let-up the situation looks to continue for another week.

Among numerous block in Chekilo ( six kms from Samdrup Jongkhar), 12 km from Chekilo, Dewathang, Lamsorong , Narphoong , Moshi and Gomchu, the major block occurred in Noukilo( nine kms from Samdrup Jongkhar) where the clearing would take hours.

The police officials said vehicles have completely stopped plying and it has been about a week that even the public transport buses could not ply.

The Road Safety and Transport Authority and General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) have stopped  the vehicles to ply since people who drive light vehicles are risking their lives on account of emergency reasons.

The Supervisor at the site said there are numerous blocks in various places and is difficult to clear them all with the available equipments they have. Laborers tried to clear the debris but it was risky since the boulders fell continuously from above the road.

The majority of the block has occurred in areas where road widening and cutting are underway.

Excavators have been positioned in the block sites but the continuous rain prevents any attempt to work.

Trucks ferrying groceries are trapped in the block and few shops are already running out of stocks and farmers are unable to continue their potato harvesting and the potatoes are said to be rotting in the rain.

Residents in Samdrup Jongkhar are faced with serious drinking water problems after massive flood and distorted network coverage in some places.

The GREF officials who expected the road to be cleared today are worried after the rain resumed and they are not sure whether to allow vehicles to ply.

“The drivers should be extra cautious since the lynching boulders and soils are likely to fall at any time.” The site engineer said.

Nevertheless GREF will keep excavators and labors at every landslide prone areas.

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