Road safety Apps for Commuters

The Government to Citizen Office (G2C) yesterday formally handed over the operation of the Road Safety Apps to the Departments of Roads, Ministry of Works and Human Settlement.

The key features of the apps include, receiving alerts on the roadblock, accident, road maintenance and border road closures.

Further the public will receive reminders on due dates for the vehicle blue book renewal, look up for general safety tips and traffic rules and can also view contact details of emission test centers.

As per the agreements between the two agencies, after handing taking of the apps, the Department of Roads shall be the sole owner of the road safety mobile apps and the single point of contact for any operation and management regarding the road safety apps.

Moreover, the DoR will be carrying out regular updating and ensure that the information provided are updated.

The Director, Department of Roads said, “With the sole responsibility being shouldered by the DoR, we hope to solve the waiting issues of the past and manage our highways well.’’

With the DoR taking over of the apps, commuters can now have access to timely and credible information on road blocks and road maintenance works carried out by the Department.

He said such information will save time and resources for the commuters.

To support the Department of Roads in the initial stabilization of the system, the G2C Office will be providing enhancement support to make the apps more dynamic and conduct user trainings, if required by the Department.

The Director said, we have regional office in 20 Dzongkhags and DoR will ensure up to date information every day. What the public need to do is surf internet and just down load the apps.

Officials from DoR added, if user give updates status on road blocks, the DoR will share it on their Facebook page.

The apps are currently available on the goggle play store and on bt. The road safety apps was developed this year under the public safety category of mobile app competition organized by the G2C office, Prime Minister’s office and RGoB as a part of their public service delivery mandate.

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