Roads are a key issue for Gasa candidates

Pema Drukpa, is the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the Khamed-Lunana constituency in Gasa, and he addressed the issues within his constituency. He emphasized on the necessity for widening and blacktopping the road from Tashithang to Gasa, as well as the importance of constructing fences to safeguard agricultural harvests. Pema Drukpa also highlighted the need for building farm roads, particularly in Ramina, and addressed concerns over the boundary related to cordyceps. In addition to various challenges, he underscored the significance of addressing electricity issues.

Responding to the question of why voters should support him, Pema Drukpa pointed to his dedicated service during his term. He encouraged people to assess his past results and accomplishments in 2013-2018, noting the fulfillment of pledges such as those related to helicopters, roads, Tashicell for network connectivity, and subsidized power tillers. He also highlighted his victory in the 2018 election from the Khamed-Lunana constituency.

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP)’s Khamed-Lunana constituency candidate, Dhendup, discussed the significant issues in his area. He highlighted that the primary concern revolves around infrastructure development, specifically focusing on electricity and road issues, and stressed the necessity for positive change and development.

When asked why voters should support him, Dhendup emphasized on his intimate familiarity with the ground realities and challenges in the constituency. He mentioned, “Having been raised in Lunana, I have a thorough understanding of the local conditions.” Expressing a desire to inspire and motivate the younger generation, he aims to contribute to the betterment of the region.

Lhaba Lhaba, a candidate from PDP running for the Khatoed-Laya constituency in Gasa, discussed the issues facing his area. He highlighted the pressing issues in the Khatoed-Laya constituency, including the maintenance of the dzongkhag road and the construction of a road to Laya. He also proposed the relocation of the town from Limithang to Kolikha to benefit small business owners. Furthermore, he suggested creating a tourist point at Khatoed-Laya Demkhong to support homestay owners, small businesses, and mule/horse owners.

In response to why people should vote for him, Lhaba Lhaba pointed to the comprehensive qualities of PDP, citing visionary leadership and meticulously researched pledges developed over nearly four years. He expressed unwavering faith in the people of Laya and Khatoe, asserting that the party’s manifestos and commitments are based on extensive research, instilling confidence in the electorate. He also mentioned specific pledges, such as a 60 percent discount on helicopter fares and interest-free loans for agricultural machinery, were highlighted as beneficial to highlanders, distinguishing the party.

Ugyen Dema is the candidate from BTP running for the Khatoed-Laya constituency in Gasa, and she addressed the issues within her constituency. She highlighted the challenge of the polling station being situated far from the settlement, expressing concerns about voter turnout. Additionally, she emphasized the need for road connectivity, advocating for the maintenance and construction of farm roads.

When asked why people should vote for her, Ugyen Dema pointed to her positive track record of experience and stated, “I am genuinely committed to serving the people.” Encouraging voters to support deserving candidates, she acknowledged the ongoing transition period and voiced concerns about the backwardness of women. Ugyen Dema asserted her representation of the interests of youths, the general public, and women in her candidacy.

As the general election approaches, the candidate’s visions, experiences, and commitments present the voters with distinct choices. The people in Gasa are hopeful to elect the representatives who will lead and advocate for the development and progress of their respective constituencies.

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