RSTA introduces etest for driving license

The regional Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) office in Phuentsholing has introduced an online driving test (eTest) to curb the culture of favoritism and nepotism, as perceived by the public, in the issue of driving licenses.

“We have many traffic rules to maintain smooth and safe traffic and one very important rule is having a proper driving license,” a RSTA official said. “A driving license indicates that one is capable and authorised to drive.”

The etest, which was launched on January 5, will be introduced in other regional offices soon.

“As the issuing authority, RSTA follows very strict rules to issue driving license,” the RSTA director said. “You first need to have a learner license for at least is six months, be 18 years of age and medically fit.”

The authority also makes sure that applicants have attended the driving introductory courses offered by RSTA and other driving institutes in the country. If found fit, the applicant is registered and must take a driving test.

The driving test consists of written test, where the applicant must get 12 of 20 questions correct, and a practical test, which includes a box driving test and a highway driving test, monitored by a Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI).

“We often hear people saying there is rampant corruption in issue of driving license but we strongly believe RSTA is not involved in such illegal practices, there was one case in the past and RSTA suspended the officer,” the director said.

An RSTA official said they have noticed many people driving without a valid driving license. “People who drive without a valid driving liscence are risking not just their life but also the lives of the pedestrians and so we penalize them according to RSTA rules and regulations because it is a serious offence,” the official said.

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  1. It’s ridiculous when we don’t get chance to sit for driving tent and make our destiny

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