RUB and Akita University to sign MoU for exchange programs

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) will be signed between the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) and Akita University in Japan very soon.

This would promote academic and cultural learning, research and global leadership in today’s high-tech and multicultural society.

The Registrar of RUB Gajel Lhundup said the signing of MoU would facilitate exchange programs, knowledge and experiences between RUB and the Japanese university which would further develop the system of the universities.

The Director of Research and External Relations Dr. Dorji Thinley said they would propose for an “Institute of GNH studies” symposium to be held in Akita University tentatively in November this year. The symposium would focus mainly on research related to GNH studies such as human values and related aspects.

The faculty from Akita University accepted the theme in the video conference held between the two sides.

Vice President of Akita University, Professor Katsuhiko Enomoto said “We should go head and work towards GNH institute and hope for a successful research”.

Once the program is in operation the students and faculty, based on their academic and educational priorities as well as their operational needs, constraints and their interest would visit the universities and exchange knowledge.

The exchange of faculty from universities aims to promote exchange of visiting scholars in the joint mechanism of teaching and cooperative research.

The universities would also promote joint research events including conferences, lectures and seminars that is mutually beneficial for both the institutes.

Akita University is a comprehensive national university with undergraduate facilities and Master’s or Doctorate degree providing the Education and Human studies, Medicine, Engineering and Resources Science.

The program held in RUB conference hall was witness simultaneously by Akita university faculty and Japanese media houses as well.

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