RUB will increase all 3-year degree programs to 4 years

One of the main reforms in the tertiary education is to enhance the competency level of the graduates. In line with this, the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) is reviewing the existing programs, so as to integrate values and 21st century skills, such as collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and learning to learn.

 Similarly, the duration for all three-year degree programs will be increased to four years, creating the space for competency development, communication skills, and breadth modules. To enhance the future employment prospects and to ensure quality teaching learning, student enrollment will be rationalized.

RUB has begun decreasing enrollment in Arts and Humanities subjects that do not match with labour market needs. The enrollment in STEM programs will be increased to the extent possible. However, there will not be any increase in the overall enrollment rate in undergraduate programs to ensure quality delivery.

 For example, the Gyalpoizhing College of Information and Technology, under His Majesty’s guidance, is being upgraded to a world-class IT education center according to the Prime Minister’s State of the Nation Address. Therefore, the infrastructure and courses are being replaced, the B.Sc in IT has been changed to B.Sc in Digital Media Development, which focuses on design, visual communication, digital marketing, web styling, digital animation, and design thinking and programing.

 Similarly, B.Sc in Computer Science has been replaced by Bachelor of Computer Science with emphasis on Full Stack Development, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Blockchain. The programs are being led by a world-class faculty from developed countries, like Singapore.

 This is to guide the young lecturers to teach beyond the textbooks, and innovate in their delivery, inculcate the academic rigor, vigor, and relevance that are the hallmarks of reputed universities, whilst grounding the students in their own value system.

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