Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in RIGSS Friday Forum

World renowned Indian yogi, mystic and author Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev spoke yesterday at the 15th Friday Forum of the Royal Institute of Governance and Strategic Studies at the National Council Banquet Hall in Thimphu. The Prime Minister and Ministers also attended the talk with members of RIGSS and the public.

Sadhguru, with serene humor, combined ancient Indian mysticism with modern contemporary logic to bring out the best in both and use it, in his own words, as a tool towards an end, that end being the joy of his audience.

“What you believe or disbelieve has nothing to do with reality and is different from what you know,” he said.” You know that you have two hands and you believe there is a God. It is alright to say I don’t know instead of making a ‘higher’ place or being (whatever people are deprived of gets exported to heaven) because this causes seeking, in turn opening up the possibility of actually learning.

All the worldly experiences we experience are experienced within ourselves. What you see you see in your eyes, in your retina and what you hear is also in your ears. So whether you live in suffering or joy depends upon your intellect. The Buddha is in control of his intellect not the other way round as is the case with most of us. He is a leader of what goes on within him and when you progress towards being the leader of what goes within yourself, you progress towards joy and you are accessing the Buddha within you.”


Tshetrim Namgay & Tshering Delma

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