Samtse candidates identify drinking water, roads and youth opportunities

Ritu Raj Chettri, representing Tashicholing from BTP painted a vivid picture of a community standing at a crossroad, grappling with the migration of villagers and the challenges of modernization. He stressed on the urgency to encourage younger generations to explore future opportunities.

His candidacy is fueled by his passion to serve, emphasizing his loyalty, dedication, and deep connection to the community. “My heart resonates and vibes with their dreams and expectations,” he said.

PDP’s  Tashicholing candidate, Sangay Khandu, highlighted several critical issues facing the constituents, including inadequate infrastructure, scarcity of potable water affecting both drinking and agriculture, conflicts with wildlife, and the decline in the production of vital cash crops.

He emphasized his dedicated commitment to public service and aligning with PDP, known for its role in addressing the nation’s economic struggles. He pointed to his extensive involvement with the community and his experience in elected roles as reasons why he is uniquely positioned to represent and serve the diverse needs of the constituents.

Pushpa Raj Humagai, representing Ugyentse-Yoeltse from BTP, shed light on issues of clean and safe drinking water, unemployment, poverty, and a sense of hopelessness among the youth.

He stressed the need for an environment that fosters investment, supports small businesses, and promotes vocational training. He called for investments in irrigation infrastructure and the impact of rural-urban migration on the local economy.

On reasons to select him Humagai emphasized his deep roots in the constituency, genuine empathy for the challenges faced by constituents, and a clear purpose to give back to the community.

Dimple Thapa, PDP candidate from Ugyentse-Yoeltse, expressed her belief in turning challenges into opportunities. She acknowledged the various developmental difficulties faced by local communities, especially the elderly, and she pointed out their difficulty in understanding Dzongkha.

She highlighted the leadership of PDP, its achievable pledges, her strong commitment, her outlook on challenges as opportunities and her dedication to serving Tsa-Wa-Sum is what she believes makes her a compelling candidate.

Pasang Dorji, BTP candidate for Phuentshopelri constituency, identified connectivity issues as a major concern, emphasizing the need for improvements in roads and bridges. Labor shortage, with people predominantly working in factories and leaving fields fallow, was another challenge he highlighted. Dorji also pointed out human-wildlife conflicts and the lack of marketing services for villagers.

He said, “Drawing on my 27 years of civil service experience, I am intimately familiar with the community’s intricacies, having served in various capacities, including as a Dzongrab, COVID-19 logistical officer, and Kidu officer.”

DN Dhungyel, PDP candidate from Phuentshopelri, identified major issues, such as farm roads, drinking water, and bridges, along with border concerns in the constituency. He emphasized his close connection with the constituents over the past five years and his understanding of their needs. He urged voters to choose him based on his past achievements, and their faith in his ability to address their concerns effectively.

He expressed confidence that constituents, having witnessed his dedication during his previous term as an MP, would vote for him. He pledged to serve with greater dedication and interest, aiming to improve upon his past contributions to the community.

Deepak Sunwar, BTP candidate for Dopuchen-Tading Constituency, pinpointed the ever-changing rules with each new government. He expressed the need to reform regulations, specifically the hurdles people face in obtaining authorization for seemingly routine activities on their own land.

He said, “I have been closely connected with the constituency for a considerable period.”

Ugyen Lama, PDP candidate from Dopuchen-Tading, outlined the challenges in the constituency, including road connectivity, healthcare quality, education standards, lack of income sources, and limited business opportunities.

He called on the people to vote for PDP to address these issues, positioning himself as a candidate dedicated to resolving the challenges faced by the community.

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