Samtse NC Sangay Khandu says screening out bad laws is a priority

This former Samtse Chimi and DPT member who is believed to have had an influential role in the 2008 elections won with a landslide majority even though he had to go up against six other candidates.

Sangay Khandu won in Samtse with 9,907 votes of which 9,144 was from EVM and 763 from postal ballots.

Reacting to his win he said, “First of all I have no time to celebrate and in fact I am worried now because people have shouldered so much responsibility and trust in me to serve the people.”

On his future plans in the NC he said, “First and foremost as per my manifesto and as the NC is the house of review and a law making body it will be of first and prime importance to screen out laws that a negative impact on people.”

He said he would propose amendments and make additions in the Parliament. “My first duty will be to discuss with the people with respect to the laws and the other things is that I will have to meet the expectations of the people,” said Sangay Khandu.

He said that he would have to work really hard and do many things for the better future of his people.

He won against Dhan Kumar Ghalley who got 4.595 votes, Chungdu Tshering who got 1,944 votes, Chahatrapati Phuyel who got 1,363 votes, Ganesh Ghimiray who got 912 votes, Kahar Nanda Dhakhal who got 906 votes and Narayan Dahal who got 775 votes.

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  1. Sangay Khandu from Samtse and Rinzin Dorji From Punakha will not represent their people nor they represent their dzongkhag that i will gaurantee. Their voters are being betrayed by them. It is very simple if you raise a horse later it has to work for you the same thing they are being financed by DPT government to get proper qualification for them to contest in that area they have to fulfil DPT’s Desire. There presence in the house will drastically effect the smooth running of Apolitical house.

    DPT wants their people every where one day they will sponser people to contest in other parties and locall governments as well. DPT buys the peoples the good example is Sarpangs former NC and Punakha’s Namgay Penjore. When the head of the house is linked with ruling Government other members have less chances to correct and charge the Government.

  2. I do agree with above statement.

  3. JTY is not a Jesus and can’t be Mohammed, never Buddha, ever been Lord Krishna..

  4. What about PDP’s Kaka Tshering of Paro? Is he then going to always speak against the DPT government? I don’t think the NC elected members would play politic in NC discussions. It’s in fact a great appreciation to DPT for allowing them to contest for Nc though they were worthy candidates for the party.

  5. dear new NC sangay khandu, i heard many stuff about you having an attitude problem,being egoistic,arrogant and so on before the election.despite all those rumors, i voted for you after you presented urself well in the debate.Now that you have won, I hope you will keep up your words and represent our constituency well.Dont forget the shadows when you face the sun.The ex-NC never visited the constituency that voted him even once in 5 years.Thank god he dint contest for second people were ready to spit on him if he cme for vote begging this time.anyway tashi delek and wish you all the best!

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