Sangay Dorji explains how he beat anti-incumbency

Incumbent Sangay Dorji from Bongo gewog got elected for the second time. Sangay Dorji secured 7,958 votes against his three other opponents.

During his five years of tenure, he said that he made sure to visit his constituency, at least two times a year. He further said that although Chukha Dzongkhag (Sorchen towards Phuentsholing) fell under red zone for almost three years during the COVID 19 time, he still managed to visit all the chiwogs three times in a year.

He said, “This could be one reason why they have chosen me for the second time. In addition, I represented my Dzongkhag and people at the national, dzongkhag and gewog level. Moreover, I have not left any stone unturned which is why they must have seen the potential in me.”

All the issues his people shared with him during the community meetings were brought to the notice of higher levels during discussions irrespective of the results. He made sure that people’s voices are heard.

The other possible reason for getting elected this time is due to his way of dealing with people giving them the chance to have faith and trust in him, he added.

“My first election result was 5,000 plus votes wherein there is an increase by 2,000 votes during this election, with 7,000 plus votes. This indicates that I represented them well which is why they seems to have decided to give me another chance to serve them,” he added.

The result did not come to him as a happy moment but as a greater responsibility. He said that he could not do much during his first time due to the pandemic. However, he now does not need any training whereby he can serve his people and country in better ways possible.

He said, “Now that I know all the ministries and representatives from various agencies, it would be easier for me to take up the matter to relevant agencies without delaying. I can proudly and confidently discuss further plans with my people and Dzongda, local leaders and sector heads.”

He thanked the people of Chukha Dzongkhag for seeing the potential in him and giving him a second chance to serve.

He did his Masters in Educational management and Administration with a work experience of thirteen years as a Principal.

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