Sarpang Dzong construction delayed

The construction of the Sarpang Dzong, supposed to begin in January, has been delayed by two months because of minor changes in the design plan say project officials. The Nu 1 billion construction project is funded by the government of India.

“Though the change is minor, the consultant has asked for three more months to complete the new design,” project manager Sangay Kinga said. “Moreover, for the construction to begin the existing dzongkhag administration office has to be demolished but this cannot be done because the construction of temporary office is incomplete. We are hoping this would be completed by the end of March.”

Home ministry officials affairs have urged project officials to speed the relocation of the dzongkhag office to the temporary site so that construction of the dzong could begin.

The project manager said material supply also contributed to the delay. Groundwork started in October last year but it took more than three months to deliver equipment to site because consent is needed from several ministries especially the finance ministry.

“We have around 48- 50 units to house around 80 laborers, the labour camp has been given electric supply and small quarters have been built for the project team,” the project manager said.

The construction is expected to be completed by 2023.

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