Sarpang Dzongkhag’s nine aspiring NC candidates including a lone female one have big plans for the Dzongkhag

For the fourth National Council Elections 2023, there are nine aspiring candidates from Sarpang Dzongkhag, Deo Kumar Rimal, Dorji Dukpa, Khari Lal Gurung, Anand Rai, Kuenga, San Bdr Mongar, Rajesh Rai, Pema Tashi and a lone female candidate, Dechen Lhaden, vying for the NC seat.

Deo Kumar Rimal, 38, from Chhudzom gewog, Sarpang has a BSc in computer science from Bharathiyar University, India, and has worked as an IT manager for 11 years in Life Line Technology.

Deo Kumar Rimal pledged to serve the country and the people. He said he will enact laws in consultation with people, call the attention of the government to any urgent public importance, and plan the development of the country as per the digitalization and modernization of the world.

He also pledged to ensure the successful implementation of the remaining 12th FYP development activities and 13th FYP activities and to give equal opportunity to people who require special care like education facilities, and employment opportunities to make them feel equal with everyone.

Dorji Dukpa, 56, from Shompangkha gewog, Sarpang has an Msc in Communication and Rural Development, from the University of Reading, U.K London, a Master’s in Leadership Management, College of America, Australia and diplomas in various fields in Australia.

He was a District Livestock Officer for more than 27 years under MoAL.

He pledged to address the issues of the country’s economic problems, youth-related problems, and food security problems and to bring changes.

Khari Lal Gurung, 39, from Chhuzergang, Sarpang has a Bachelor of Political Science and has pledged to solve issues related to land, livestock development and tourism development.

Anand Rai, 39, from Gakidling gewog, Sarpang has BA in History Honours from North Eastern Hill University in Shillong, is recontesting for the NC seat and has pledged to review government policies, plans and readdress through recommendations and comments. He said he will review issues of national importance, amend existing laws and initiate legislation which will fulfil the aspirations of the people. He said he will improve and strengthen the oversight mechanism of parliament and maintain the values of the national council to be guided by the core values of patriotism, professionalism and integrity.

Kuenga, 36, from Gelephu, Sarpang, has an M.Sc in Biochemistry and 13 years of teaching experience. He has pledged to intervene to alleviate human-wildlife conflict by introducing insurance policies that will enhance and expedite, inspire and retain the interest of farmers to continue farming.

He promised to engage and provide maximum opportunities to Youth by aligning the participation and expectations of youth with the ongoing reforms of education, assist and provide service to the people anytime, make himself available to the public.

Kuenga believes that the NC election is not a turn, chance or option for a repeated plea, the most deserving candidate with a humble background who will serve the people, must be chosen.

San Badhur Monger, 42, from Dekiling gewog pledged to maintain security, reduce youth-related issues, and economic development, and review policy to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Rajesh Rai, 51 from Senggey gewog who has over 23 years of experience in educational leadership background has pledged to assure to fulfil the needs and aspirations of the people. Monitor the implementation of plans and programs.

Pema Tashi, 38, from Serzhong gewog has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (BA. LLB) from Calcutta University. Post Graduate Diploma in National Law, RIM, Simtokha and a Diploma in Information and Management System.

Pema Tashi has worked as a civil servant under the Department of Agriculture and Marketing Cooperative, a private company and Financial Institute (DPNBL), Phuentsholing. He is also a founder and CEO at the MK Legal Consultancy.

Having done BALLB and PGDNL, if elected as an NC member, Pema Tenzin believes that with the experience he has in law, he can assure and ensure peace and happiness for all times to come by curbing nepotism and corruption in the community or nation and fulfilling the His Majesty’s vision by amending suitable laws.

Finally, a lone female candidate of Sarpang Dzongkhag from Umling gewog, Dechen Lhaden, 43, has studied Bachelor of Business Administration at ICFAI University in India.

A multi-skilled person, with over 20 years of working experience, dynamic and futuristic Dechen Lhaden, vying for better public services, pledges to strengthen the fundamental rights of every individual and ensure to uphold a civil society free of oppression and discrimination and focus on a good quality of life for people.

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