Save money on mobile internet by using data packages instead of pay per use basis

According to the General Manager, Network Operations, Tashi Cell, Ganga R Sharma, to lower the cost of mobile internet usage, the regular users should opt for data packages instead of using mobile data on pay per use basis.

He said that data packages provide significantly lower per megabyte tariff compared to pay per use cost. Internet mobile users can subscribe to the data packages by following the instructions given on Tashi Cell’s website or its Facebook page.

Ganga R Sharma said that the users that have already subscribed for mobile data service need not call to active data plan. All they need is a proper phone balance account.

“If customers feel that they are being charged incorrectly or for wrong data volumes, they should inform us with particulars, like date and time, so that their usage, bill and deducted amount can be investigated further,” he said. Those using smartphones should beware of phone applications downloading or updating without their knowledge.

Tashi Cell pointed out that there are now phones that cost less than Nu 4000 that support 3G connection in 850MHZ

“We could have easily deployed 2100MHz, but we selected 850MHz simply because it provides better coverage including indoor penetration compared to 2100MHz with similar number of 3G sites.” Tashi Cell also sells smartphones that support 3G costing around Nu 5000 or less.

“3G is available in all 20 dzongkhags. It covers core areas and that area may cover some of the gewogs, and definitely, we will keep on expanding the 3G services and also plans to put 4G in some cities,” Ganga R Sharma said.

Meanwhile, he said Tashi Cell is trying to provide good and reliable services based on its existing technology. “We have lot of challenges, ranging from for acquiring land for constructing new sites to making expansion of services financially viable. Fast pace of equipment and a system going obsolete is also a big issue for all telecom operators,” he pointed out.

A regular user of Tashi Cell mobile internet, Sonam Choden, said, “These days, even using only the Facebook page, after certain minutes, a lot of money is deducted. It is very expensive to use compared to before.”

Another regular user, Tashi Wangchuk, said that even with the subscription to the internet data package, a lot of money is being deducted even when browsing the Facebook page only. “Forget about downloading any other information. I don’t know why Tashi Cell is charging a high price these days, is it a phone problem or network?” he questioned.

Ganga R Sharma said that compared to the other regions in the world, Bhutan provides mobile internet services at a cheap rate. However, he said people do not want to pay for quality services as they find it too expensive.

“People have the habit of comparing first world services and third world prices. Given the Bhutanese market size, there are contradictory expectations,” he added.

Tashi Cell has 60,000-65,000 users as of now.


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