Scaling up the skills of company secretaries

A two-day training workshop, spearheaded by Druk Holding and Investments (DHI), to help the company secretaries (CSs) to professionally conduct effective board and annual general meetings concluded yesterday.

13 CSs from the DHI owned and linked companies attended the training. Two officials from DHI, experts in the corporate governance, were involved as in-country resource persons in the training.

The Associate Director, Corporate Performance Department, DHI, Karma Galleg said, “Company Secretaries are a crucial element in the governance of companies as they are the vital link between shareholders and the management of the company and board of directors.”

He added that the CSs must also be conversant in relevant laws and regulations of the country and must be thorough with the Companies Act.

On the need of such trainings, he added that many CSs need the fundamental skills in managing the board effectively, and therefore, require full training to shoulder their responsibilities efficiently.

The CSs were trained on the Companies Act and Corporate Governance Code, their role as the CSs, and how to conduct their role in the board management, conducting annual general meetings, setting board agenda, and drafting the minutes of board meetings.

Apart from such skills, the CSs were also trained on communication and writing skills to help them to better interact with the management and shareholders.

Karma Galleg said the content of training is customized to the Bhutanese context, based on the experiences and requirements, unlike last year when the training focused on imparting basic skills as per international good practices conducted by an out country resource person.

The training is expected to impart skills and knowledge in understanding the role of CSs and to improve the good governance in the companies.

There are plans on conducting similar trainings to professionalize in the CSs in state-owned enterprise, like Kuensel and Bhutan Post, the non-governmental organizations, and other companies that have the board of directors.

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