School uses EVM to elect student representatives

With the growing popularity of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for elections, the teachers and students of Trashigang Middle Secondary school (MSS) in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Election Sector used an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) on 25 February this year to elect school representatives.

To begin the academic year the school nominated various students for the various leadership posts and the students were given free will to vote for the capable student as their leader.

Sonam Tenzin and Karma Dechen from class X were elected as the school boy’s captain and girl’s captain after securing 203 and 242 votes.

Their contestants Sonam Dendup and Yeshey Choki just managed to score 59 and 20 votes each out of 262 votes cast by the teachers and students.

Lotey Jamtsho a Class X student was elected as prayer captain securing highest vote of 102 votes against his two contestants Dorji Singye and Palden Dorji who managed to secure 74 and 86 votes respectively.

For the Boys and Girls games captain, Sonam Tobgay and Ranjina Gurung of class X were elected after they secured 166 and 144 votes.

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