Seasons change, fashions change, and businesses prosper

fashionWinter in all its glory may not be sensually appealing but for those who improvise on fashion with every changing season even winter inspires its own trends.

And complementary to that shopkeepers who try in every which way to cater to the tastes, the likes and obsession of the Fashionistas, scour every avenue to tap the best profitable line of clothing which includes surfing the world wide web, latest trending on Twitter, most talked-about on Facebook etc.

And voila, as suddenly as winter hits town, shops are stocked to the brim with winter fashionable items. From thick furry jackets and long sleeved sweaters to varieties of boots of all shapes and colors, shopkeepers leave no collar unfurled for the people.

Many people walking by the Norzin Lam in Thimphu dressed in different combinations each send out their own style vibes of sense and essence.

While for the shops they explained that winter clothes and boots are thick and expensive as well. And with more buyers, their business is in profit.

Tsering Pelmo, 26 is very particular when it comes to dresses and has to be in fashion every season.

“I cannot compromise with my dresses, no matter what,” she said.

And for the family men and women who are but classily style-oriented, things don’t drop after a good wear. Even household appliances and more specifically at this time of the year, winter gadgets have to be of a decent make and representation.

Therefore, in comes the sleek, snazzy heaters further categorized into halogen heaters, kerosene heaters, colorful hot water bags and so on.

While talking with the one of the shopkeepers, she said, sale on winter items has been high and she says she made around Nu 30,000 in a day with the start of this year’s cold winter.

Even for the new buildings and construction sites people use fashionable lights, tiles and so on, to attract people to visit the place and to make a place attractive so that tenants choose to stay at the place.

While generally people now try to purchase things for homes which is fashionable and makes the house look attractive.

No doubt trends keep on changing, let’s say our national dress, Kira for women, initially it was worn full and traditional, then it evolved to half and comfy and now different avatars of it have come up like the skirt Kira or hook Kira as it seems to be called.

While it has become a fashion for the people but it is a boon for businesses and tailors in Thimphu.

Skirt Kira or hook Kira, to give a description, the section of the Kira is folded in such a way and stitched that it looks like a person has worn Kira along with the hook.

With winter, women and girls accessorize fittingly with their kiras to pronounce yet another fashion statement out of the national uniform.

Yangdon Tailor, a recently opened tailor shop in the town says most of the orders are made for the fittings, fitting tego, jacket tego and hook Kira. She said, these days, when it comes to tego, order for the jacket tego has gone down and more people go for fitting tego.

She charges Nu150 each for the fitting tego and hook Kira while for a Jacket tego, she charges Nu300.

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